Frozen (2)

Sara woke up some time later. Her head barely hurt, and she was hungry. Pulling a blanket off of the bed, she headed for the bathroom. She was almost back to the bed when Mike walked up behind her.

“Felling better?”

“Yyes. I’d like my clothes please.” She’d worried long enough about what they would or could do to her and realized there was no help for it other than being forthright.

“No, don’t think so. Jim and I, we kinda figure you owe us for rescuing you.”

“Oh.” She took a deep breath. She could hear her boyfriend’s voice in her head. “Just relax. Struggling will only cause issues.”

“Yeah. Figured you were a tasty morsel. All that frilly underwear and that suit. Musta been going on some date.”

“Yes, with my boyfriend. He won’t be happy with me. I need to call him.”

“Like I said, I don’t think so.” Mike walked forward until Sara was backed up against the bed. He pushed her on the shoulder, and she fell on her back on the bed. He pulled the blanket open and began to touch her.

“Please. Please don’t do this.”

“I like it when women beg.” He held her down with one hand on her shoulder while his hand trailed down her stomach towards her thighs. Sara tried to struggle and Mike’s hand went to her throat. “Don’t make me bruise you up worse than you are. Be nice and we won’t hurt you.” He moved his hand off of her throat.

Sara inhaled deeply when he moved his hand. She shuddered a bit and then lay still.

“Much better.” He turned and yelled for Jim to come join in the fun.


Three hours later, Sara lay awake, sandwiched between the two men. Cum dripped from her cunt. Her ass was sore and her mouth raw. When she tried to stop them from doing something, they slapped her, or cut off her air. In the end, she gave up. The only thing that kept her sane was thinking about what Paul would do to Jim and Mike when he found her.


Jim rolled over and smiled. Sara had been a pretty good fuck. With the snow still coming down, they’d fuck her until spring. His cock throbbed just thinking about it. Rolling over, he grabbed her breasts and pulled her forward until he buried his cock in her mouth. Grabbing a handful of hair, he used it as a handle. She gagged and drooled, but it felt good to fuck that pretty mouth. Before he came, he pulled her up on her knees and drove in from behind. As he pounded her from behind, Mike woke up.

“Started without me?”

“Only getting her warmed up. Mouth’s ready for you.”

Mike took his cock in hand and kneeling before Sara, he stuffed it in her mouth. Sara rocked back and forth between the two men. As Jim started to cum, he thumbed her ass. She screamed, which drove Mike crazy with all the vibrations. Grabbing her hair on both sides of her head, Mike pumped his load into her mouth as Jim filled her cunt. When they were done, they left her in a puddle on the bed.


Sara woke up cold and dug around for the covers. She realized that the room was much quieter than normal. Wrapping the blanket around her, she walked out into the main room. No Mike or Jim. She walked over to the window and realized that the big plow was gone. She checked the rest of the barn, and found no one. She kept on searching. In a corner locker, she found her handbag and inside it, her phone. She called Paul. No answer. She switched modes and texted him. Turning her phone ringer off, she put it back like she’d found it and went to clean up. Once she was clean, she headed back to bed. She was sore and exhausted.

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