A Change of Paradigm (Finale)

I woke to the sound of an unfamiliar alarm going off. I rolled over and turned it off. 8am. I got up, went to the bathroom and got a drink. Jasper was just waking up when I crawled back in bed.

“Morning beautiful.”

“Morning Jasper. How are you feeling?”

“Decidedly not a virgin, and someone else is awake.” He gestured towards the tent his erection was making in the bed.

“Well, what would you like to do about that?”

“Remember that sorta X position we were in last night?


“That sounds good to me.”

“Me too.” We moved around on the bed.

Jasper ran his fingers across my lower lips and tickled me with his fingertips. Then he moved his cock to line up with me and slid in. I was tight and it took a moment before he felt well seated. Then we started moving together. We moved slowly as we rocked back and forth. His hands went from my hips to my breast and then down to my clit. It felt so good to have him hard and moving back and forth at the same time his fingers played with my clit. I started to orgasm. After the first one, he didn’t stop, and they just kept coming. I felt myself clench around his cock and then he stiffened and growled between clenched teeth.

“Arrr…gghhh…” he moaned as he bucked and came harder than he had before.

I held on to his arm and let my own orgasm wash over me brought on by his insistent fingers.

“oh!.oh! Ohh!” I moaned after it felt like all my bones had just melted. I looked over at Jasper where he lay on the pillows with a silly grin on his face. Just behind his head was the clock. We’d been at it for nearly twenty-five minutes. I started to giggle.

“Wha…what’s so funny?”

“Unlike most virgins, you have some awesome hang time dear,” I said at last.

Jasper took in what I said and started laughing.

Forty minutes later, we hauled ourselves out of the bed and hopped through the shower. Check out time was in less than forty minutes. Hardest part was finding my undies. They were at the bottom of the bed tangled in the sheets. We got dressed and Jasper packed with less than two minutes to spare.

Walking outside was a shock. It was about twenty-five degrees, and the sun was brilliant. The snow reflected the light and I wished I’d had my sunglasses. We got in the car and headed back to the house.

We turned the corner just in time to see Ian’s car drive off. I was glad that I didn’t have to face him first thing this morning. Jasper was grinning so hard that I was afraid his smile would meet around back and the top of his head would fall off. When we got in the house, Eric was at his desk.

“Morning, you two,” he said. “I didn’t expect you so soon.”

“Morning Eric,” said Jasper.

“Morning you! Check out time was 11am.” I headed back to make tea while those two started talking computers and ham radios. Plus, I figured that the two of them needed a little ‘guy time’. That way they could re-assure each other that all was okay. I could hear laughter and figured it was going alright.

As I was making tea, I could hear that the conversation had turned from weather to computers and now music. Oh gods… they were already trading mp3’s! I finished up the tea and brought them their cups first.

“You two look like a meeting of the electrical engineers toy time union.”

“Duh!” said Eric.

“Well what would you expect when you put two engineers in the same room with electrical toys?” asked Jasper. “Besides, you’re not too far off from being an EE by osmosis anyway,” he finished with a look at me.

“Yeah. Jr. Geek. What he said.” Eric had a grin on his face. “Jasper, listen to this.” Eric tapped a few keys on the computer and Toccata in Fugue D Minor began to play. He took the remote control and started to turn up the bass until the floor and my chair were vibrating. Vibrating at just the right pitch after a night of sex.

“That is so not fair Eric!” I could feel the vibrations in all the right places and couldn’t help squirming.

Eric laughed, and when Jasper didn’t get what was going on, he leaned over and whispered in his ear. Then both of them were laughing. Men! Wait, no… Electrical Engineers!!!

Jasper was looking at Eric’s playlist. “How about that one?”

Eric nodded and played another mp3 that is heavy on the bass. The floor vibrated more.

“Guys! This is not fair!”

They laughed. Then Eric got that impish look in his eyes. “Jasper, watch this.” Suddenly instead of music, there was a tone. One of the ones off of his sound engineer test equipment. It went rumbling across the floor strong enough that the vibrations nearly brought me to orgasm. I stood up, and that didn’t help.

“You guys are brats!” I left the room to cool off for a minute. This was neither the time or place to mug either guy or both guys. I’d never been so glad for a cold back porch in my life. I could hear them laughing. I worked on making some lunch.

Ten minutes later, they’d found something new to play with and I figured it was safe to go back into the room.

“Lunch is ready,”

Eric and Jasper stood up from the computer and headed for the kitchen. I got kisses from both of them as we sat down to eat.

“So, when will you be back down Jasper?” Eric asked.

“Hey! That’s my question!” I teased.

Both men laughed. Jasper swallowed his bite and cleared his throat. “Probably in two weeks if that is okay with you.” he said.

“I think that will be just fine. What do you want to do?”

“Well, I’d like to go to a movie and maybe walk around town. Sort of a date. And then…”

“Then we could come back here if you’d like. In two weeks Eric has a conference and we could have the house to ourselves for at least one night. How does that sound?”

“That sounds good.” Jasper smiled.

“I’ll check my calendar to make sure, but the weekend of the 18th sounds good.” I stood to put my plate in the sink. “Jasper, what time do you need to head out?”

Jasper turned and looked at the clock. It was nearly 3pm. “I probably ought to head out now. I want to get home before the roads are too icy.”

The guys stood up and put their plates in the sink and we headed for the living room. Jasper got his coat on and then held out his hand to Eric. “Been good to meet you. I’ve had a lot of fun this afternoon,” he said as they shook hands. Eric pulled him into a hug.

“I had fun too. Safe drive home and we’ll see you in two weeks.” Eric smiled.

Jasper turned to me, and I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around him. I hugged him tight.

“You drive safe, and call me when you get home.”

“I will. See you in two weeks.” He kissed me goodbye.

“Goodbye.” We let go of each other.

He headed out the door and down to his truck. I stood on the steps and waved goodbye as his truck turned the corner.

Eric came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

“Happy you took a chance?”

“Yes.” We went back to the living room. “Jasper is a sweet man and I enjoy his company.”

“Good. Now tell me all the dirty details.” He had a grin on his face.

“No!” I laughed. “You’ll just have to get the information from Jasper!” I headed to my calendar and in big letters wrote JASPER on the 18th. I had a date.

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