Shall I?

“Take a look at this.”

She walked over to where he stood next to a display of dresses in eggplant purple and black. He held out a dress on a hanger. “That’s nice. I like the neckline.”

“Square would suite you.”

She smiled, found her size and took one of each color into the fitting room. First, the eggplant colored one. She got it settled and stepped out. “What do you think?”

He looked at her. “Nice. Turn. Very nice.”

She smiled, stepped back into the dressing room and changed into the black one. “This one is much nicer.” Stepping out, she noticed the smile on his face. It was bigger than before. “Well? Shall I buy this one?”

“Very nice. I like this one better than the purple one.”


“Whatever. Get changed.”

She went back in, changed clothes and brought the black one with her. She put it in the basket and they walked around the store a little longer. They got a slip to go with it as well, and then headed home.


“We have a program to go to tonight.”

He sighed. “I know. What time?”

“7pm. Which means we should be there by 6:45pm if we want a decent seat.” She was busy trying to get things ready. They’d slept in and now were paying for the late start.

“Alright. I’ll call you later this afternoon.” He kissed her and headed out the door.


She looked at the clock. 2pm. “What to wear? Jeans and cowboy boots? A dress? Skirt and blouse?” She stood there looking at the clothes hanging in the closet. Then her eyes strayed to the new dress. Picking up her phone, she called him. “Shall I wear my new dress?”


“Okay.” She smiled as they chatted for a few minutes.

“Oh, and before I forget, stockings, not hose. Slip, but no panties, and your black heels.”

“Alright,” she said a little startled.


She tried on the dress with the slip. It was a bit long, so she headed for her sewing machine. It didn’t take her long to hem it up. By the time she finished, it was nearly 5:30pm. Time to get dressed. She followed his directions. The black silk slip felt cool against her skin, and the cling top stockings worked beautifully. She pulled the knit dress over her head and adjusted everything into place. A shiver of naughtiness trickled down her spine as the air moved under her dress. Grabbing a bright metallic scarf to wrap around her neck made the outfit ‘snap’. She was slipping on her shoes just as he walked in the door.

“How do I look?”

“Beautiful. Are you ready?”

“Let me run a brush through my hair.” She grabbed the brush, fixed her hair and clipped a barrette into place. They were out the door a minute later as she slipped on her coat.


The performance was a riot. They’d laughed and giggled. Standing in line for refreshments, he leaned over her shoulder and whispered in her ear. “How do you feel?”

“Lovely.” She smiled back at him, knowing what he meant. He loved it when she relaxed just enough and let the sensuality of the moment carry her away.

“Good.” The look on his face spoke volumes. “I enjoy it when you feel lovely.”

It was their own little wordplay. Doubly daring as they were in public. She knew that tonight would be full of pleasure. It wasn’t often that they could indulge in their private passions. Too many pressures or responsibilities. Tonight though, the house was theirs alone.


They barely closed the door before he grabbed her and began to play. Rough kisses, panting need and her submission to his whims. His hand came down on her ass in a sharp stroke. She gasped. Her dress was pulled up baring her to the waist. Juices trickled down her thighs. He laughed and spanked her again, until the tops of her stockings were wet.

Bending her over the chair, he fingered her pussy. “You are so wet.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her voice was heavy with desire. Nipples hard beneath her dress and ass stinging as he slapped her with wet fingers. Her body ached for release, but knew not to ask too soon.

He held her by her hair and unzipped his trousers. His cock sprang free, and he thrust into her mouth. Hot, wet and the moans she made sent shivers up his spine. He pulled out of her mouth, turned her and thrust deep into her pussy. Tight flesh caressed him. He pounded into her, bouncing against her body, hands grabbing fabric and flesh.

He began to growl as his orgasm began to bubble up his spine. She whimpered with need under him. He kept pounding faster and faster.

“Shall I cum?” she asked, feeling her body reach that almost unstoppable point.

“Yes!” he growled as his own orgasm ripped through him. Thrusting hard, he enjoyed her muscles grasping him as she came.


As they walked to the bedroom, her thighs soaked with sexual slickness, she smiled. “Shall I undress?”

“Yes. After you undress me. And, I want to watch you.”

After she undressed him, she did a slow striptease. His cock twitched to life as the last stocking slid to the floor. It looked to be a long lovely night.

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