The Twelve Days…

Just a brief story tonight! Enjoy!

 On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

 12 Orgasmic twitches

11 Switches switching

10 Doms-a-spanking

9 Vibrators-a-vibrating

8 Slaves a kneeling

7 Masters-a-collaring

6 Subs in subspace

5 Cock Rings!

4 Calling hotlines

3 Violet Wands

2 Feather Ticklers

And a Subbie on a St. Andrews’ Cross.

The ‘choir’ belted out the last chorus as all the pieces of the song took the stage. The audience clapped, laughed and cheered. Everyone bowed, and the lights went out.

“That was fun,” said Boris. He and Dirk had worked on the holiday play for a week. Miller and Tim had helped with the stage, and then everyone who worked at the Rosy Thorn had practiced the song. Liz had volunteered to be the ‘Subbie’ on the cross. They’d dressed her in tinsel and hung big red bulbs from her nipple rings. Then they’d strung white LED lights around her body, and red and green ones on the cross.

“Yes, it was,” said James. He and Jesse helped Liz down from the cross, and helped the rest of the cast take off their costumes.

“I still feel like I’m vibrating,” said Sally. Her costume had been a rack with nine vibrators glowing in the dark and vibrating.

James and Boris laughed. “Not as bad as Lydia with the violet wands,” said Boris.

“No, I have to agree.” Sally stretched and pulled her slinky dress over her bodysuit. “Shall we party?”

“Yes,” answered the rest of the cast.

The club was filled with party goers dressed in Santa suits or holiday bondage gear. It was a riot of color. The cast mingled with the crowd and headed into the dungeon. Belinda had promised a demonstration on how to ‘undecorate’ your tree. A whip and a 10ft tree were involved. It looked to be a great night.

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