Flash Fiction Friday Wishes Come True


The elves didn’t know what to do. Kris Kringle, Santa, should be a holly-jolly man, giving gifts and bringing joy to children everywhere. Instead, he was sad. His ‘ho-ho-ho’ just didn’t have the same punch it had in years past. Nothing had since Greta Elfsdottir, Kris’ loving wife had died. It had been a freak accident. The snow on the roof had gotten so heavy, that it collapsed. The entire workshop had been decimated the week after Christmas. Four other elves had died along with Greta. Kris originally had planned to retire early. Let his son, Kriss, take over, but at 32, he was just too young. Not to mention the triplets occupied his and his wife’s every waking moment. So, Kris Kringle mourned.

The workshop was rebuilt on the other side of the main house. A stone bench marked the spot where Greta and the elves had died. Kris had worn a dip in the bench, he’d sat there so long.

The elves were talking over coffee. “We gotta do something!” said the first elf.

“Yeah, but what? We’ve tried all sorts of things. Comedians, grief counselors, baby reindeer, and even minions. Nothing has worked!” exclaimed another elf.

“We need a new Greta,” said a third.

“Oh yeah. Right! Greta! What did she have that no one else did?” asked another elf.

They sat there and thought. Then the first elf spoke. “Sex. When they weren’t making toys or delivering them, they were having sex!”

“Okay, so where are we going to find a sex crazy fifty year old?”

“No! Not a fifty year old! Two twenty year olds!” said another.

They turned and looked at him and blinked. “Do you want to KILL him?” asked the first elf.

“No, just give him a good time,” the elf said defending his statement.

“Yeah, a blonde and a brunette.”

The elves continued to talk, take notes and then they headed to the computer, where they pulled up Fetelife, OKCupid and two or three other dating sites. Three weeks later, they had a list of young women to interview. All of them were on the “Naughty” list. Three elves went down to meet the women. An hour later, they had found their new ‘Santa’s Helpers’

Kris sighed. He missed Greta. They’d broken the bed two years ago with their romps after he’d come home from handing out presents. They’d started a whole line of D/s items to match Kris’ clothing. Red velvet cuffs with white fur, with a furry blindfold to match. A red leather whip and even little nipple clamps that had a little red LED that lit up when they were clamped. They’d been playing with them two days before the roof fell in.

He knew that the elves were trying to cheer him up, but it was just so difficult. He missed her voice, her silly little jokes, the cooking… oh the cooking and of course, sex. Rosy Palm was just not the same. No lovely breasts, no warm wet lips, and no hot sweet hips to grind against. Kris looked up at the clock. An hour to go before it was time to start his travels. Belting on the red suit Greta had made him last year, he found that it was a little loose. He just hadn’t been able to bring himself to eat enough. He knew he’d pay for it later. Instead of his regular red coat, he changed into an older suit. One of the ones that Greta had made him when they were first married. It had red trousers and a long coat with fur and goldwork on the back and sleeves. It hid the fact that he wasn’t his usual round self. Pulling on the flat fur trimmed cap, he set out to the barn where the elves were hitching up the reindeer.

“Here he comes. Stay low and under the blanket until the very end. I know it will be a long ride, but he mustn’t find you before then,” whispered the elf. The two women nodded. They were dressed in clothes from the D/s line that Greta had made. Little fur thong panties with snow flakes on the front. Elsa wore the blue hat and Darla wore the red one. Wrapped in furs, they snuggled into the bottom of the sleigh. The elves tucked robes around them and then began to stack the magical bags full of toys. When they were sure that the two women wouldn’t be seen, they led the reindeer out of the barn.

Kris waved as he took off on his rounds. Cookies, milk, cake and sherry along with children hiding, couples screwing under the tree and people decked out in ribbons, waiting for their partners to ‘unwrap’ them awaited the arrival of Santa. As usual, he ate whatever had been left, even if it was just a bite and sip. He laughed at the people having sex under the tree, and rescued a puppy who’d gotten tangled in the tinsel. He delivered the last present and headed back to the North Pole.

The sleigh landed light as ever in front of his house. Unlike last year, there was no Greta standing in the door, lantern in hand to welcome him home. He sighed. As he turned to look for the elves, wondering what was taking them so long, he realized that on the furs under the last bag was a note. He picked it up and opened it as it was addressed to him.

Dear Santa,

We have all been so lost since Greta Elfsdottir crossed the Bifrost Bridge. We have worried about you. We know that Greta would never had wanted you to be alone for so long. We went to great lengths to try and make things right. Please accept our offering.

The Elves.

Kris was suspicious. He hoped it wasn’t yet another baby reindeer, puppy or kitten. When he moved apart the top fur, he was met by two pairs of blue eyes. One held a teddy bear and the other a bag full of ‘adult’ toys.

“Happy Christmas, Santa,” the two of them said.

“Um.. A… Oh…” he stuttered as they stood up and showed just how beautiful they were. The lights on their nipples twinkled and the scent of pine and gingerbread cookies mixed with the scent of warm pussy enveloped him.

“We would like to show you how much you are appreciated. I’m Elsa, and she’s Darla,” said the blonde.

“We’ve heard that you need a little joy in your life. We are here for as long as you enjoy us,” said Darla. At that, the two women stepped out of the sleigh and wrapped an arm around Kris on either side.

“Um… I… well, I’m an old man, and not sure how well I can…” he started.

“Oh don’t worry, we want to be here,” said Elsa. Darla nodded in agreement. Each of them gave Kris a kiss.

“Well, I don’t want you two to get cold,” he said and they walked into the house. Elsa dragged the bag, while Darla carried the bear. Behind them, the elves smiled and led the reindeer away.

When the three of them got to the bedroom, the two girls wouldn’t let Kris do a thing. They started the fire and grabbed the plate of sandwiches the elves had made. Elsa helped him out of his great coat while Darla pulled off his boots. Then the three of them sat down. The girls sipped hot spiced cider while Kris ate. When he was finished, they undressed him and gave him a bath. While he soaked, they stripped out of the little panties, keeping only their hats on. Once Kris was dried off, they led him to the bed.

Kris was propped up against the pillows as the girls climbed up on the bed. He had to admit that they were beautiful. His cock began to stiffen at the thought of them touching him. They snuggled up and began to kiss and touch. Before he knew it, Elsa was kissing his lips while Darla took his cock in her mouth. Before he burst, the two women switched position. elsa rode his cock, while Darla fed him her breasts to suck. He came hard, holding on to each woman with one hand. After Darla came, he helped Elsa reach orgasm, and the three of them snuggled for a while.

Once Kris had recuperated, it was Darla’s turn. Kris did her ‘reindeer’ style, while Elsa kissed both of them. When Kris exploded, and Darla melted, the two of them brought Elsa to an orgasm hard enough to make her think the Northern Lights were lighting up the room. Finally, after many hours of fun, they fell asleep in a heap.

The next evening, Kris whistled as he came into the workshop. He assembled the elves. When everyone had gathered, he began to speak. “It has been a hard year, with many tears. I never thought that I’d let my heart feel joy again. However, you elves never gave up. I thank you for that. My present last night, the first one in years, brought smiles to my face, joy to my heart, and closure to my soul. You made a wish I didn’t realize I needed, come true. So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy your week off. We start lots of new toys after the New Year!” He started to turn to leave and then paused. “And from Elsa, Darla and myself, we’d like to wish you a happy holiday and to all a Good Night!”


Ah, The end of the year. Another folder filled. 2014 will be the start of my 4th FFF folder. 🙂 This time, our dear Muse has continued on with a Christmas Theme. Our challenge this time is…

Tell me a tale of Christmas Wishes Come True. So here is my Final FFF of the year:

Required Phrase – “And to all a good night”

Word Limit – NONE. Go long, go short, just go and write

Bonus Words None needed, but give yourself an extra 50 if you were good this year

75 if you were bad

Extra Credit – Give your own personal Santa a roaring finish to 2013.

Now, I wasn’t sure where to take this one. Then Wolf gave me an idea. Hope you like my tale. Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

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  1. it’s amazing how we both took the story in so similar directions, though you added more erotic details. A great finish to a wonderful of FFF. Good luck with the next 52……

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