Frozen Finale

Be aware… Dragons!

Mike and Jim came in from plowing the roads. They were covered in snow and grit. Dumping their outer clothes, they threw a frozen pizza in the oven and went to see if their little sex toy was awake. They found Sara asleep, and woke her up.

“Have a shirt and some socks,” said Mike. He handed her one of their heavy shirts and a pair of socks. The shirt hung on her, but she didn’t mind. At least she wouldn’t be sitting on a cold chair. They walked back into the kitchen area where the scent of pizza filled the room.


After dinner, they headed back to the bedroom to fuck until they fell asleep. Sara once again found herself pinned between two cocks, using every orifice she had. When they were too limp to cum, they went to sleep. Sara got up and went to the bathroom where she showered. As she finished drying off, she thought she heard a noise. She turned off the light and slowly opened the door. Quietly, she looked out of the bathroom towards the kitchen and the noise. There were three dark shapes standing there. She recognized the outline of one of them. Paul.

Sara looked back towards where the two men slept and then ran quickly into Paul’s arms. He pulled her over to the far side of the kitchen and bent his lips to her ear. “Are you alright?”

Sara nodded.

“Are they deeply asleep?”

“They were when I got up to shower,” she said softly.

“Good. You stay here. Art has clothes for you. Get dressed. He brought you a book too, as we may be busy for a little while.” Paul kissed her head and nodded to the other two men. One came forth and handed Sara a bag. He ruffled her hair and then turned back to where Paul and Nick waited.


Mike rolled over in his sleep. The bed felt a bit empty, and he reached for their little fuck toy. His cock ached and a quickie would help him go back to sleep. The spot where she had been was empty. “Huh? Jim, is our little fuck toy on the other side of you?”

Jim moaned, rolled towards Mike and opened an eye. “Thought you had her,” he mumbled.

“No gentlemen, but we have you,” said a voice in the dark.

“What the fuck!” cried out Mike. He started to get up out of the bed, only to feel hands grabbing him and pushing him down onto the bed. Jim tried to move as well, and was grabbed from behind. “Let go of me!”

“Leave us alone! We’ll call the cops!” screamed Jim.

“A little late for that boys,” said a second voice. “Seems like you failed to report an accident, kidnapped a woman, and from what I’ve been told, raped and sodomized her.”

“She wanted it!” cried Mike.

“Yeah! Promised us a good time! Said she wanted to repay us for rescuing her,” said Jim.

“Now boys, lying isn’t gonna help. You see, Sara is a good little sub, and she never lies to her Master. That’s me. While you were out plowin’ today, she sent me a text. Explained everything. So, the guys and I decided to come get her and see to your education.” He laughed a deep throaty laugh. “Glad to see you’re already naked. Helps speed up the process.”

Jim and Mike were wrestled to their stomachs and plastic cuffed together across the bed. They struggled, and were rewarded with stinging slashes from a riding crop. They screamed and then held still. Their ragged breath was punctuated by the sounds of clothes dropping to the floor.

“What… what are you gonna do to us?” Jim asked.

“Why, use you as fuck toys. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. My two buddies love the lads. Love virgin assholes. Just like you two. And me… I get to orchestrate, considering you played with My toy, without permission.”

The two men started to struggle once more, trying to escape from the others. The two men straddled the others and fitted each with a gag. The gags spread their mouths wide open, allowing access, and yet no danger of biting. More cries rang out, and were punctuated with the slap of whips and crops on asses.


Nick moved in between Jim’s legs. When he tried to close his thighs, Nick slapped his thighs with the riding crop. Jim gasped, and Nick moved between. Grabbing his ass cheeks, he dropped a dollop of cold lube on Jim’s ass. Before Jim could do anything, Nick slammed into his ass. Jim cried out until Nick stuffed his head down into the bedding. He gripped Jim’s hips and thrust rapidly.

“Love a virgin ass,” said Nick. He looked across at Art who was sliding a finger in and out of Mike’s ass, enjoying the man’s cries. Art’s other hand was on Mike’s erection.

“Yeah, this one’s a bit tight, so I’m stretching him a bit.” Art was endowed with a cock shaped more like a coke can than a cock. Mike was trying move away from the insistent fingers. It didn’t work. As he pulled back, trying to escape the hand on his cock, Art pulled out his fingers and slammed his cock inside. Mike cried out in pain, at the same time his cock began to dribble cum from the tip.

“I think your little bitch likes it,” said Nick. Art laughed and sped up his rhythm. It didn’t take long before the two men came deep inside of the others. Pulling out, they moved off to one side. Mike whimpered, feeling cum ooze out his ass. He had also fallen into the puddle of his own cum. He’d exploded as Art had pulled out of his ass.

“Let’s flip ’em over.” It only took a second and the two were flat on their backs. Art took the crop and walked up to each man and whipped the thighs and chests to the squeals of the men. Nick took two butt plugs from a bag, and shoved them up in place on Mike and Jim.

Art knelt over Jim’s face, and stuffed his sticky cock into the caged mouth. “Lick it clean.” Jim tried to fight, and Art slapped Mikes cock.


Jim looked on in fear, wondering if he’d be next to have a shit flecked cock stuffed in his mouth. Instead, he felt fire spread across his chest as Nick attached nipple clamps to Jim’s nipples. He screamed. He screamed again, when snow was dropped on his crotch.

“Oooh, nice move,” Nick said to Paul.

Paul smiled. “Thought he could use a little cool down.”

The three men laughed.


Twenty minutes later, Art and Nick cut one of the zip ties and moved Jim behind Mike. They manipulated Jim’s cock until it was hard, and positioned him to fuck Jim. When Mike tried to resist, Art turned on the vibrator mode of the butt plug stuffed up Mike’s ass. Mike thrust forward, piercing his friend’s ass. Nick knelt in front of Jim, filling Jim’s mouth with his cock. Art moved in behind Mike, pulled out the butt plug and drove in. The four men rocked back and forth, until Nick and Art came once more. Mike followed a few moments later and Jim spilled his cum on the bed.

While the four men had fucked, Paul had taken pictures. The last set was taken with the two snow plow drivers spooned together, and still ‘engaged’. The men took their toys, and left the room. They showered, removed all evidence of their presence and left. As Paul and Sara pulled out of the parking lot, Paul called the State Patrol to report some weird noises coming from a SnowPlow station.


The State Patrol officers entered the maintenance building. They turned on the lights and found the break room looking like an orgy of pizza and beer had exploded. They walked down the hall and found the two men still strapped together with zip ties, buck naked, cum covered and smelling like a whorehouse on a busy Saturday night.



Paul held Sara as they soaked in the hot tub. “Glad you are alright.”

“Thank you for rescuing me Sir.”

“Promise not to drive in bad weather?”

“Yes Sir.”

“You could have frozen to death, and then what would I do with a frozen sub?” he teased her.

“What will you do with the pictures, Sir?”

“Post them to those two. We got their addresses out of their wallets. They’ll never do anything like that again.”

“Thank Art and Nick for me too, Sir.”

“Already done. They had a great time.” Paul laughed, and then cuddled Sara.

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