…And the Big Bad Wolf (5)

Luc felt on edge as he walked the twins into their class. He chatted with their teacher, and then headed off to the computer lab. Charles was already there, and they had a list of ‘fires’ to put out.

“Why is it that Monday is the fire day?”

“I have no idea Charles. You’d think it would be Tuesday or Wednesday, but it is almost always Monday. What this time?”

“Two printers acting up, one desktop failed and I think Ms. Jones dropped her laptop and doesn’t want to admit it. She says it won’t even boot.”

“That is a brand new one.” Luc sighed. “I’ll go get it and see if we can figure out what happened.”

Charles nodded and the two of them headed out the door.


Leaning against her car, Meg was still stinging from the discussion last night. She knew she should have said something, but without seeing a clear pattern, it was difficult to pin down what was really going on. Ginny and Cal were doing a “sniff test” of the office. She watched the two of them walk a grid pattern around the office building and yard. Buttercup and Fezzik were whining in the back, wanting to see Cal. Those two dogs were in love with Cal and Peter.

Ginny walked up as Cal went back to the loading dock. “Nothing. Not a whiff. Hell, not even any mice. Which I guess is a good thing.”

Meg nodded. “Guess we ought to get to work and see what’s going on today.”

“Yes. I’ll be collating the repairs into categories. New clients versus older clients.” Ginny opened the door and walked in to hear the phone ringing. “Here we go!”

Meg grabbed the mail, did a quick sort and then headed back to the office.


Luc and Charles went to lunch at the Drive Inn. The conversation died to a lull as they ate. Charles pushed back his plate first. “I meant to tell you that you had someone checking on you today.”

“What do you mean?”

“Had someone call and ask if the tech position had been filled. When they were told yes, they asked who by. The secretary down at the office gave them your name and business address.”

“Okay.” Luc tried to keep a calm face. In light of the info Ginny and Meg had given him yesterday, he was not happy about this.

“Just thought you should know.”

“Thanks. Did the secretary get a name?”

“No. I can check if she logged the number if it is important to you.” Charles gave Luc a slightly worried look.

“If she can, that would be good. We’ve had some odd repair tickets at the shop and I was just wondering if the call was related.”

“Oh. Yeah. Um, I’ll see if she can pull up the number. When did you start having issues? Is it because you aren’t there? Or is it just the season to have breakages?”

“Charles, I’m not sure. However, you know we had that craziness a few years ago, when the papers were doing those werewolf stories, right?”

“I remember the court case. That was you?”

“Well, the family.”

“Oh. Is there anything you want to tell me?” Charles said with a silly grin on his face.

Luc laughed. “Yeah. Don’t piss me off around the full moon.”

Both men laughed and got up to pay their tickets.


“This is a coaxial cable. Don’t cut it, but grab it with the padded plyers and give it a real hard bend and twist.”

“Why not just cut it?”

“Because a cut cable is easy to find. A crushed cable isn’t. We want them wasting time on the job. Then we want the people to complain about their service.”

“Yeah, but they are the best in town. Hell, that one guy is such a screw-up, that he gives them more business than ads.”

“I know.” The man growled under his voice and turned back to the computer. He hit the print command and when the job was done printing, he handed it to the other man. “Here is the list of jobs for you to do. Like I said, don’t do anything obvious. Loosen nuts and bolts. Crush wires. And leave panels open.”

“Okay. What if the cops catch me?” The man was nervous, and the last thing he wanted was to go back to jail for petty vandalism. If he hadn’t needed the money, he’d have never agreed to this crazy scheme.

“Well, don’t get caught. Do what I told you. Wear gloves, and dark clothing. Oh, and when you go to the Mall, don’t forget to go to the janitor’s closet and grab a cart and shirt.”

“Okay. Still not happy with this though.”

“You like the money.”

The man nodded and headed out the door with his list of jobs.

The other man smiled and went back to his computer. He was researching a number of websites, all of which dealt with ‘supernatural sightings’ and especially wolf or dog attacks that just didn’t make sense. He would expose this bunch of freaks if it was the last thing he did.”


Luc stopped by the office and was greeted at the door by the twins.

“Daddie! Daddie! Daddie!” they cried as he picked them up and twirled them around.

“And how are my favourite twins doing?”

“Jus fine Daddie.” Linsey kissed him.

“Uhuh!” murmured Eliot.

“Good. And do you like staying with Mommie and Aunty Ginny in the afternoons?”

Both children nodded. He put them down and walked over to Ginny’s desk. “How goes the day?”

“Busy. Two new clients, three repairs. Two calls for quotes on some jobs and three invoices that came in.” Ginny handed him the client paperwork. Luc looked them over, nodded and headed for Meg’s office around back.

“Hi Kevin, Sandy,” he said as he passed Kevin’s office. The two men greeted him and went back to what they’d been doing. Luc walked into Meg’s office quietly, as she was on the phone.

“Yes. Of course. No, that isn’t a problem. It’s just one of those months, and seems like everyone is having computer issues. You are scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10:30am. Thank you.” Meg hung up the phone and sighed.

“Sounds like things are not slowing down.” Luc sat across from Meg.

“No, they aren’t.” She handed him a pile of papers. “These are the jobs that we’ve done over the last few months. Color coded for previous or new customer. From there, they are divided into 5 years or less and whether or not they were part of the court case bunch.”

Luc took the paperwork and began to look at it. New clients were at the same rate they’d been for the last fifteen years. The 5 or younger and previous customer list of jobs was booming. Six to fifteen jobs a week, and most of them suspicious issues. “Damn.”

“Whoever is doing this has a real grudge against us.”

“I’m noticing that. Let Andrew know that this may slew his way at the Mall.”

“You think it will?”

“Yes. Look at the number of contacts. The only one not continually on the list is the Mall.”

“Could that be because Andrew is the only family and/or client there?”

“Yes Meg, it could. It could also mean that he may get hit harder.”

Meg picked up the phone and called Andrew at the Silver Lode.

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