Seaside Noir (6)

Aleria stretched and stood awkwardly in the First Class section of the plane. Gillian and Steven were standing up as well. “I’m so glad you could come with us, and that Daddy didn’t mind.”

“No problem at all. I needed a bit of a rest anyway. Your father is so… intense. Plus, having ‘nanny’ on my resume doesn’t hurt.” Gillian helped Steven pack up his stuff and begin to disembark from the plane. Once out of the baggage area, the three of them were met by Dr. Mollska’s aide from the Aquarium Trust.

“Car’s out front, Ms. Mollska. Will you be staying in Tampa long?” he asked as they got into the car and moved out into traffic.

“No. We’re heading for Marco Island, and Daddy’s house there.” Aleria watched as the city flew past the windows.

“Ah. Alright. We have a hotel room booked for you at the Westin Harbour Island Hotel. I hope that works for you?” the aide asked.

“Yes, that will be fine. Please arrange transport down to our villa on Marco Island on Tuesday.”

“Yes Ma’am.” The aide moved into traffic and headed towards the hotel. He had the two women and the little boy ensconced in the hotel in less than an hour. Then he gratefully headed home. Something about Ms and Dr. Mollska gave him shivers down his spine. Luckily, he would not be driving them in the morning.


“Aleria, will you be going out tonight?” Gillian asked.

“No, the babies are being a bit demanding and I am so hungry! Would you arrange for a big fruit platter along with some sushi?”

“Of course. I can’t even say I ‘feel for you’, as I can’t seem to get pregnant.”

“Well, it isn’t for Daddy’s lack of trying. Sometimes we just don’t mix biologies well.”

Gillian nodded. She and Aleria had put Steven to bed and sat watching movies while eating.


Three days later, Aleria went swimming off the coast. The villa was on the beach. It didn’t take her long to find her older brother, swimming out in the deep water. He’d promised to take care of the babies and make sure that everything went well. Then Aleria had swum back. Her stomach was huge, and she looked about ready to burst. Waddling over to the lawn chair, she sat gently.

“Mama! Mama! Gillian and I are going to the grocery!”

“Ah good. I am very hungry today. Will you get me some sushi and maybe some fresh fruit?”

“Yes Mama!” Steven kissed his mother and ran to Gillian. The two headed out, leaving Aleria along. While they were gone, she began to look at maps,and tried to decide where she would visit next. Once the babies were born, she’d be on her feet again in less than a week. She’d also know if Steven would have a little brother or sister. She poured over the maps.


“Dr. Mollska, I’m calling on behalf of Aleria. No, she’s okay. Just that the babies were born this morning. A healthy lot, and twin girls. Yes, we will send pictures as soon as possible. Yes, I miss you too. Hopefully, you’ll come down to see the babies? Alright. Bye for now.” Gillian hung up the phone and grabbed the camera. She went over to the computer and downloaded all the images. First, the tentacle babies. Next the twins. Then pics of the twins, Steven and Aleria. When they were done, she attached them to an email and sent them off to their grandfather.

“Aleria, I talked to your dad, and sent him the pictures.”

“Thank you Gillian. We will take the nest of babies out to the sea on Thursday. Will Daddy be here by then?”

“He hopes to be here on Wednesday. How long before you’re fit?” Gillian asked, still not totally sure of the biological differences.

“Oh, if I’m lucky, Friday after this. About nine days.” Aleria picked up one of the twins and cuddled her. She was so fortunate to have twins. Even more so to have twin girls.


Dr. Mollska was in heaven. So many healthy babies and the twins… “I hope you’ll take some time to spend with with your children.” He gave her a look that said far more.

“Of course Daddy. Gillian and I are interviewing nannies. Steven is enrolled in school and I’m planning to do some work as well.”

“What kind of work?”

“I’m going to use that degree, and do some writing. Freelance journalism.” She smiled at him.

“Just be careful. Please.” He stood, kissed her forehead and then went to play with the babies.



David walked into George’s office. “They’ve moved.”

“Who’s moved?”

“Our favourite tentacle monster and family.”

“The Mollska’s?”

“Yeah, well… the girl and her son.”

George thought for a moment. “I have a friend in the Tampa police force. I’ll give him a call and have him check on any drownings.”

“Okay. What are we going to do if there are any? Tell them some creepy squid monster that looks like a woman is killing men by making them overcum themselves?”

George looked at David. “It is a little preposterous isn’t it.”

“Yeah, but damn… it’s true.”

George nodded, picked up the phone and called his friend in Tampa.


Body of Co-Ed Found on Coast

A young man was found floating in the waters off of the coast of Tampa on Sunday. The young man had last been seen at a the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club.


David picked up the phone and called George.

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