The Dragon Boat (16)

“Ellisif, have you taken your herbal tea lately?” Lothar asked as he cradled Ellisif in his arms.

“Why of course… oh wait. No. No!” Her face went pale. Burying her head in his arms, she cursed. Then, she cried in his arms.

“It will be alright, Ellisif. When we reach Gotland, we can live there for a bit.”

Ellisif lifted her head up from Lothar’s chest, reared back and punched him. Lothar tried to dodge the blow, but it still bloodied his nose.

“Why did you hit me?”

“We live on the Dragon Boat! I’ve never stayed on land more than a few days. I don’t know how to live any way else. Why should I leave the boat? My mother didn’t!”

“Ah Ellisif, your fader only took your mother on the boat when you were a little girl, not a babe in arms,” Olaf said quietly. “You lived in the village.”

“I would help you Ellisif!” Darius said cheerfully.

“I.. I can’t be with child. I just can’t. I know nothing of having a baby.”

“Ellisif, when was the last time you had your courses?” asked Lothar.

Ellisif started to speak and then stopped. “This is all your fault!”

“My fault? How? You seduced me!” Lothar spoke as he dodged Ellisif’s fists.

“In Miklagardr, if you hadn’t gotten yourself thrown into prison, I…” She stopped. Her head dropped to Lothar’s shoulder. “No,” she said in a soft voice. “It was my fault. How? How will I deal with this?” Her voice was a whisper against his shoulder.

“Together, Ellisif, together.”


Farulf smiled when Lothar came out of the shelter, his eyes bruising up and his nose still trickling blood to tell Farulf the news.. “You do better than I when my sweet Birla discovered she was pregnant.” He laughed.


“Yes. I am a trader. I leave home. Gone months, sometimes years… and she is pregnant? She took her fader’s sword and swung it at me.” Farulf pointed to a scar on his shoulder, pale with age. “Birla only forgive me when we are all on the boat.” He thumped Lothar on the shoulder.

“We will have to find a place to live. Find work.” Lothar wasn’t as enthusiastic as he’d acted with Ellisif.

Farulf nodded. “Maybe, maybe Birla’s sister or her family will have room for you. Or, you go to your people?”

Lothar thought about it for a moment. “Maybe. We have time.”



The air off of the cold waters after the pillars of Hercules felt good on Ellisif’s face. She learned to eat lightly in the morning, and then the rocking of the Dragon boat didn’t make her ill. The crew had stopped teasing her after she threatened to throw Snorri off of the boat. They had traded goods from Italia, to small islands off Iberia and now were heading north. There had been much discussion on where to head first. Farulf had been this way raiding many a time, and didn’t trust Jorvik. Dyflin was too far off the route, which left Hedeby. The crew voiced a choice for Hedeby, as it took them closer to Paaviken or Visby, and home. Ragnar calculated that it would take a full month to reach home if there were no big storms or trouble.

Lothar came up behind Ellisif and wrapped his arms around her. “How do you feel today?”

“Better. Too hot before. At least my clothes still fit.” She turned in his arms and smoothed the fabric over her slightly rounded belly.

“Yes, and we will get more fabric for you for clothes.”

“Good thing! I can’t weave very well. Sew, yes. If nothing else, we have the silks to trade for linen, wool and leather.”

Lothar nodded.

Ellisif sighed as she snuggled in close. “I miss being able to make love.”

“Even though you are pregnant?”

“Yes. With Darius and Olaf, there is no privacy.”

“Perhaps we will make port soon and stay at an inn.”

“Maybe I need to talk to Fader about that.” She smiled at Lothar.




In the end, they did stop in Jorvik. They stayed in a small inn, and the men were good enough to let Ellisif and Lothar have the smaller room. After supper, the two of them kept trying to leave the main room, and the men kept delaying them. After much laughter, Lothar picked Ellisif up and carried her off to bed.

Lothar no sooner sat Ellisif down on her feet than clothes began to fall to the floor. They moved to the bed and began touching and holding one another. Ellisif moved down to Lothar’s cock, which was bouncing against his thigh. Her mouth engulfed him, and he moaned. Hands nestled in her hair helped to hold her mouth to him as his hips moved back and forth. Before he exploded, he pulled her to him. Ellisif straddled his cock and eased herself down.

He marveled at how her breasts were filling out and gently touched her swelling stomach. Cupping her breasts, she gasped at his touch. Slowly, gently, they began to rock back and forth. “It has been too long,” she gasped as they increased the rhythm.

“Yyes,” he hissed through gritted teeth. He tried to hold back, but he didn’t last as long as he wished. He began thrusting harder and harder until with a roar, his orgasm spurted upwards, filling Ellisif. She too groaned, her own orgasm following his, and her muscles clamped around him. They shuddered to a pleasurable stop a moment later. As they lay there recovering, the laughter from the crew drifted up through the floor, along with comments about how they could improve the sex.

They fell asleep for a short while and then played again. This time they both lasted longer. Afterwards, they curled up and slept, Lothar holding his hand over her rounding stomach.

Ellisif, Lothar, Darius and Olaf walked the high street and did a little shopping while Farulf, Snorri and Ragnar did some trading. Part of the silks were sold, and Farulf bought goods to trade farther north. After three days in Jorvik, the Dragon Boat pulled out of the harbor and headed north.

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