Flash Fiction Friday! Sandwiched!


Tabby was hesitant at first. She’d never shared herself with anyone except Ad. Tom wanted to play too, and well.. she was a bit nervous. They promised it would be fun. And in truth, the three of them had a great time goofing around at dinner. She stepped out of the bathroom,wrapped in a towel. Before she could even blink, a blindfold slid down over her eyes.

“Um… guys…”

“Think of it like I’m borrowing a cup of sex,” Tom said softly.

“Relax sweetie. We’ll all have fun.” Ad kissed her on the neck, sending shivers across her skin.

They moved over to the bed, and Tabby knelt. Ad kissed Tabby and stroked her face as Tom moved up behind her. Touching and stroking her soft skin relaxed her. Tabby moaned softly and found herself pressing her ass against Tom’s hand as Ad pulled and tugged on her pert breasts. Her nipples hardened as Ad’s mouth devoured hers.

Tom kissed his way down Tabby’s spine. Her legs opened and he slid his hand between them to cup her wet pussy. He looked at Ad, who nodded. Tom slipped to his knees and gently thrust his hard cock forward.

“Lean back, Tabby.”

She did and an instant later, Tom’s cock was nestled deep in her pussy as she straddled him. Ad moved forward, fingering her. Then Ad stood, and fed his cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked him as she rode Tom’s cock. Ad exploded deep in her throat. He then concentrated on playing with her clit. Tabbly mewled as she came, pressed between the two men. After Tom came, the men switched positions. Ad held Tabby’s head back, as Tom kissed her sweet mouth. Tabby braced her hands on her heels, feeling her juices drip down her thighs.



It’s been crazy since New Years. I’ve been sick and Wolf has all but sat on me while we have dealt with family and work in general. So, there I was getting ready to post about why there’d been no new chapters of any of the stories when my brain went…”Wait! Today is Friday! YOU forgot something!”

I ran to Advizor’s site and saw… Tom Takes Over… and realized that there was a change of the guard and… the idea for my story. Hope you like it.

Thank you Tom for taking on the responsibility of Flash Fiction Friday! Thank you Advizor for all the wonderful twists and turns over the last year. Our new muse has given us the following parameters:

Word Limit: 200
Bonus Words: +50 if you tell us about a threesome fantasy… +100 if it really happened.
Required Word: Borrow
Forbidden Word: Forever
Extra Credit: Write one story from each character’s perspective. 

As I’m late, you’ll only get one story. However,… I’m taking that 100 word bonus. Wolf and I have had some wonderful threesomes with our friends from time to time. Ah, the fun of being poly! M was Wolf’s lover a while back, and she came to visit. After a brief bit of ‘getting reacquainted’, it was time for all three of us to play in bed. M and I had a devious plan… we brought magic markers to bed. We colored and wrote all over Wolf, and had a great time. Granted, the sex got real messy. Sweat and magic markers are Messy! Getting clean was fun though. 🙂 And the best part… Making Wolf giggle between the two of us. 🙂 Ah…… We were also getting dressed to go to dinner and told Wolf we had his ‘outfit’ all ready. We tossed him his hat and played “You can leave your hat on”. He blushed. Woot!

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday! Sandwiched!

Add yours

    1. It was fun. A smooth poly relationship depends a LOT on understanding that jealousy is not an option, and if it is happening, you’ve failed the first three rules of relationships.. Communicate, communicate and Communicate. 🙂

      I enjoy FFFing with you too!

  1. WOW!!! I’ve read this on my phone 4-5+ times and love it each time. Thank you for bringing us all together. I took a similar tack on my version and it liked how they all turned out. Thank you for being a faithful and creative FFFer this past year. I could always count on you to jump in and get things started!

    Tom’s going to do a great job, and i look forward to reading and writing each week!

    1. LOL… I couldn’t resist putting you and Tom in on the action. You’re sharing the FFF and doing the handover, so… it just all went together.

      Glad to be of “help”, and I love doing FFF. Looking forward to seeing what Tom does with it.

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