Flash Fiction Friday Crystal Balls


“Don’t you usually do scrying with a black bowl full of water?” James asked. He was fascinated by the inverted image of Magda’s breasts within the crystal ball.

“Yes, but this one is special. It lets you see truth.”

James laughed. “Yeah, You having sex upside down.” He moved the ball out of her hands and began kissing her. She wrapped long legs around him as he hoisted her up on the bed. Laughing, they fell back and he slid his hot aching cock deep inside her. She smiled, and with each thrust felt herself move farther across the bed.

James loved how she clamped her body around his. Pulling her left leg up, he held one leg on his shoulder and drove in deep, straddling her other leg.

Magda gasped as he penetrated her. Deep long strokes that bottomed out. Gasps of pleasure were wrung from her lips. “Oh gods.. I.. I come,” she panted as her body shivered.

James held onto her leg and pumped harder and harder, until his own release filled her. Once he could think again, he dropped her leg and lay beside her. Their bodies draped off the bed. James laughed. “Magda, you’re upside down!”


Our newest Flash Fiction Friday challenge by Tom is this:

Character Limit: 2,014 (without spaces)… or if you can’t count characters, 201.4 words.
Required Words: Scrying
Forbidden Name: Justin Bieber
Extra Credit: Predict something that will happen in 2014. But don’t predict a specific person’s death — that’s bad karma.
Bonus Words: If your prediction comes true, +100 words you can tack onto a future FFF!

I must admit that I had all sorts of rude jokes about crystal balls run through my head, but in the end, I went for sweet and silly. Hope you enjoyed it. Check out what others are doing on Three Spelling Mistakes!

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  1. What better way to end my Thursday than an early start to Flash Fiction Friday! I could feel her clenching as he thrust and it made me smile. I took mine a different direction and you can see it on Friday morning!

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