Thawing out…

Hectic does not begin to describe life at this end of the universe. As many of you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit absent. First of all… It has been bitterly cold here. Not as bad as Nilla has had it, but cold. Second, as it was cold, we have sort of camped around the woodstove most days. Three people in one room makes for lots of noise. Especially when one’s college age daughter is giggling over texts, encouraging her father to watch anime and all of us watching RED, and spending half the movie going… “Oh look! Just like Daddy/Wolf.”

Meanwhile, the Muse stuck her fingers in her ears, hid in a corner and pulled the blankets up over her head.Β 

So, as the world thaws, our daughter goes back to college, and Wolf goes back to work, I am hoping to get back into the routine of writing. I’ve left chocolate, hot tea and the toy box out for the Muse in hopes of tempting her out.Β 

See you tomorrow! I have a Flash Fiction Friday post to write.Β 


6 thoughts on “Thawing out…

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    1. The Muse is finally getting a little more inquisitive. It is sorta warmer and much quieter! πŸ™‚ There are a few stories that need to be wrapped up and a few new ones started. As you may have noticed, I’m rather the queen of the long story.

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