I’m not sure what has changed, or what is going on, but i cannot comment on So Many of the eBlogger websites! Very frustrating as Tom of Three Spelling Mistakes hosts. At this point, I can only comment on Cammies on the floor and Advizor’s blogs. sigh…. What are you two doing different from everyone else?

It is very frustrating as I DO read all of the stuff from Flash Fiction Friday. However, I can’t comment!!!

A very frustrated Wordwytch!

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  1. have you checked if it’s only you having the problem or others too? (share the site so we could test it out for you?) tried in different browsers? just thinking out loud here.

    1. I can comment on other blogs and some eblogger blogs. The difference I’m noticing is how the comments area comes up. Different formats. So, it is most logically the way they have their comments worked. Plus eblogger is rather notorious for being a pain.

  2. Are you sure your comments aren’t just going into moderation? If you’ve never commented on a certain blog before, a lot of times the host will moderate first time comments in order to reduce the amount of spam that gets posted.

    If that’s not it, I dunno 😦

    1. No, they aren’t going to moderation. They simply disappear. Max’s blog is one that I use to be able to comment on… after he changed some settings. eBlogger tends to update the back end of things from time to time and when they do, it mucks up the ability to comment. Or, people change settings and then I’m screwed.

  3. I have no idea what we’re doing differently. My sister accidentally hit the “no comments” button when she wrote a post, and that took us forever to figure out.
    We also had a problem where wordpress wouldn’t accept our password to comment on others, I am unsure how my sister fixed that one.

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