Seaside Noir Finale

A bit long, but I hope you enjoy this!

Kadav moun mouri jwenn sou Shore. Kòz lanmò a yon mistè!


It didn’t matter how fast they traveled, or how much help they got from the local cops, police or even Interpol. Men kept dying with a smile on their face.


Corpos mortos encontrados na costa

David, George and a small team of men were still hunting Aleria Mollska. When they had reached Tampa, she’d been no where to be found. The house they’d been staying at was empty. According to the detectives that had spoken to Dr. Mollska, he hadn’t see her in months. The nanny, who had young Steven and the twin infant girls said the same thing. It was like she had vanished.

El hombre que se encuentra en las redes de pesca

“You know, at this rate, I’m going to need a new passport,” David said to George.


“Yeah. I’m running out of room for passport stamps.” David flipped his passport at Geroge, who looked. It was full. Then again, so was his own.

“Guys, if we are right, she should hit somewhere in Uruguay.” Sylvia, a Brazilian Interpol agent sat down next to them with a map. “If you look at the way the bodies keep turning up there is a pattern. I suggest we head to Maldonado or Montevideo.”

“You picking up the airfare tab again?” David asked.

“Si. When this monster kills the son of an important man, the tab is paid.” Sylvia smiled and then walked off to make the arrangements.



“Aleria. Come home.”

“No Daddy. I can’t. I won’t endanger the babies.” Aleria stood on a balcony looking out on the Rio De La Plata estuary.

“Dear, you’ve got an addiction. You need to stop. Otherwise, you endanger us all.”

Aleria sighed. “Why is it an addiction for me, but you and my brothers kill countless women?”

“We are more careful.”

“Fine Daddy. I’ll cool my heels here and then work on coming home. How are the babies doing?”

“They are just fine. Steven misses you though.”

“I’ll be home soon.” She ended the call and sat down to watch the people out on the beach.



Sylvia led the way to their hotel. It was right on the beach and unlike their usual haunts, it was very noisy. She took care of checking in while the men looked around. While they knew what Aleria Mollska was suppose to look like, they realized early on that she could change shapes and coloring. The best way to hunt her had been by the reactions of the men on the team. Three or four times, they’d been in a club, and a woman had walked by. Within seconds, they’d had aching hard erections. The next day or sometimes a week later, a corpse would turn up with all the symptoms of being fucked to death.

“So, are you two ready go go hunting?” Sylvia smiled and handed them keys to their rooms.

“Yeah. You know, the one thing we’ve never figured out is how to stop her.”

“Oh, you men. It is easy. In Brazil, we hit or bite them between the eyes or smash their bodies on rocks until they go limp.”

“You’re joking, right?” asked David.

“No, I am not. Ask any fisherman.”



That night, they hit the bars as usual. For the first hour, nothing. They changed clubs. Forty minutes into the hour, David nudged George. “Got a hard on?”

George nodded. “Where?”

“Not sure. I think it was one of those women.” David pointed to a small group off to one side of the bar. A couple of cute early twenty-somethings and a stunning brunette.

“Have a go? Or just watch?”

“You that tired of living?” David knew that George was getting frustrated. This had turned into the biggest game of hide and seek, and they were all tired of losing.

“No, but if I go off with a girl, please follow me.” George stood up and walked over to the giggling mass of women. After a few minutes, he walked out to the dance floor with one. When that dance finished, he traded partners. This one was a mousy looking, slightly curvy young woman. Three dances and then suddenly, they were gone.

“Where the hell did George go?” David said.

“I don’t… wait. There!” Sylvia and David left their table and headed towards a back exit, where the other couple had just left. After a few hundred yards, they lost them in the crowd.


Sylvia and David kept looking, to no avail. Around midnight, they returned to the hotel, hoping that George would show up.


“You taste marvelous,” George whispered as he kissed the woman’s neck.

“Si. Besas muy bien.” She giggled and let his hands roam across her body, drawing him in tighter.

“I hope my kisses are good.” George unlocked the door to the room and the two of them went inside. They fell on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs. His hands ran up under her short skirt and found her naked. “Oh my.”

“¡Sorpresa!” She giggled again and her hands moved down his body, unbuttoning his shirt and then his pants. George stood to let his clothes fall and then he was laying on the bed while she climbed onto him, letting his cock sink deep inside.

“Oh damn honey!” His cock throbbed and ached with desire. Her scent filled his nose like her breasts filled his hands. It didn’t take long before his cock exploded in an orgasm that curled his toes.

She snuggled up to him and let him touch her until she giggled again as she came. They lay there touching and stroking each other. She kissed his face and worked down his body until she came to his cock. Once she started kissing him, it swelled. Hard.

“Oh honey, I don’t think I could go again so soon.” As George said that, something deep down in the back of his mind seemed to be yelling at him that this wasn’t such a good idea. Then she sucked hard on his cock and the door slammed shut on that tiny voice.

“Mi lengua es muy talentoso. Podemos hacer el amor otra vez pronto.” She whispered as she sucked his cock.

“Whatever you say honey. Oh hell… let go of that and sit on it.” He pulled her up closer until she straddled him again, his cock buried deep in her tight, hot pussy. Once again, his cock grew harder and harder until they both came with screams of delight. He held her tight as he passed out from pleasure.


Sylvia and David had looked around for an hour as they headed back to their hotel. Both were worried about George. When the elevator opened on the tenth floor, they turned to say goodnight to one another when they heard the cry of passion echo down the corridor. They froze. It was coming from the room that David and George shared.

“You don’t think?” David asked.

“Si. I do. Walk quietly to the door. Breathe deep.”

David did as she asked. He stood there and after a moment, he felt his cock begin to stir. He walked back to where Sylvia waited. In the time it took to walk back over, his cock had begun to soften once more. “Yeah, they’re in there. How are we going to manage this?”

“We know she doesn’t kill them in the hotels. She waits until they are out to sea, so that they will drown. We have a few minutes. Watch the door while I get something.” She turned and headed to her room. David stayed next to the elevators.

She returned a moment later, with a dagger in her hand. “Let’s go. We must wait outside until they are having sex once more. There is no other exit from that room. When they are having sex, we must burst in and take her.”

David nodded. They walked quietly to the door and stood on either side. Luckily it was late at night and no one should be walking around that might notice them and ask what they were doing. David stood with the door key ready. As they stood there, his cock once more began to swell. He rolled his eyes and bit his lip.


George woke up, and for a second wondered where he was and why he was naked. Then she rolled over and kissed him. He returned the kiss, his cock sluggishly coming to attention. “Oh honey.”

“Si. Llévame. Lléname con tu pene” She grasped his cock, pumping it and watched as pre-cum oozed.

“Oh Honey. Be careful. Poor old thing hasn’t gone off this much in years.” He sighed as her hand felt so good on his cock. His balls tightened and he felt the urge to bury his cock deep inside her. Before he could move off of the bed, she mounted him again. Bouncing up and down on his cock, she moaned and giggled.

George thrust up off of the bed, grabbing her by the hips and driving deep. It felt so good, and yet.. yet… he still had that niggling itch in the back of his mind that he was in danger. She wriggled and her muscles clamped around his cock until he forgot what he was thinking. Instead, he moaned out loud as his body began the cycle of orgasmic excitement. His hands grabbed hers and held on as he started to orgasm.


David heard the moans and slid the key in quickly. As soon as he heard the click, they pushed quickly into the room. On the bed to the left, was George and the mousy woman from the club. Sylvia gripped the dagger and headed straight for the bed. David came up next to her and grabbed the woman, pinning her arms to her sides.


The woman hissed and growled when the arms wrapped around her. She writhed and fought. She tried to get George’s hands off of her’s, but in his orgasmic bliss, he didn’t let go. She was trapped. Trying to change shape, she kept writhing.

David held on tight. “Sylvia! Do it!”

Sylvia was trying to hold onto the woman who was much stronger than she looked. With a wild stab, she rammed the dagger between the eyes of the woman and drove in deep and hard. It bounced at first, cutting the skin and sending blood everywhere. Sylvia stabbed again, this time the blade going deep. There was a gurgling scream and the woman went limp.

David pulled the woman off of George. He threw a sheet over George and then shook him. “George, can you hear me?”

“Huh? Wha… what happened to honey?” George blinked and then looked over to see Sylvia next to a body. “Oh fuck.”

David looked too. On the floor lay Aleria Mollska. Gone was the mousy brown hair, and plain looks. The only thing that marred her beautiful features was the bloody hole in her head between the eyebrows.

George whimpered and then headed for the bathroom. Sylvia looked up at David. “Go see to him. I’ll wrap this up.”

David followed George, who was now crawling in the shower. “You gonna be okay?”

“Yeah. Now I know what a rape victim feels like. The whole time we were together, something at the very back of my brain kept screaming at me that I was in danger, and yet all she had to do was touch me and I didn’t care.”

David nodded and pulled the shower curtain shut as the water began to spray across George. “Are you going to be okay?” He knew he was asking again, but he had to. George was too good a friend to let fall apart.

“Yeah. She’s really dead, right?”

“Yes. Sylvia stabbed her between the eyes. Killed her like they do octopuses.”

“Good. I’ll be out in a few minutes, as soon as I feel clean.”

“Take your time. I’ll grab you some clothes.” David walked out, found the clothing and then put it on the sink in the bathroom. Then he shut the door and turned back to Sylvia.

“And, are you okay?”

“Si. I have called my liaison. They will come and collect the body. They’ll take it to a lab and dissect it. Being a coroner, do you want to be there?”

“Yes. I’d like to know how this works.”

Sylvia nodded. “You understand, according to them, nothing happened. This will all just go away.”

“As it should.”


By the time George got out of the shower and dressed, the body was gone, the room had been cleaned and the suitcases were packed. David sat next to the bed.

“Wow. That was fast.”

“Yes. And now we must go to the laboratory for the autopsy.”

George nodded. He picked up his bags and the two men headed downstairs. They were met in the lobby of the hotel by Slyvia and a security detail. They got into SUV’s and drove through the early morning light of the city, stopping only when they reached a secluded building near the airport. They got out and went into the building where a makeshift morgue was set up. On the table was a body bag.

“Time to get to work,” said David. He and another man suited up and then opened the body bag. “What the fuck?”

“What’s the matter David?” George asked as he stepped forward.

“Aleria. Look.” David stepped back. Inside the body bag was Aleria. The head wound was still visable, but the body had begun to turn transparent. Everyone was murmuring, making accusations and noise in general. As they watched David and the other doctor try and examine the body, it became more and more transparent. Then, unexpectedly, it deflated. Goo went everywhere and suddenly, all they were left with were a few rubbery pieces of cartilage and gooey bits of tissue.



David and George stepped out into the sun shine at San Diego airport. They’d taken samples of the goo, George’s blood, the blood on the knife and anything else they could think of. Then they’d headed home.

“You still gonna go tell Dr. Mollska that his daughter is dead?”

“Yeah. No one else will. Want to come with me?”

David nodded. They found a cab and headed towards the Aquarium run by Dr. Mollska.


When they pulled up into the parking lot, they were a bit surprised. On a Saturday, the place should have been buzzing with people. Instead, it was empty. Dead. David and George walked up to the doors. They were chained shut and there was no one to be found. The two men headed off to the left where the stairs to the private residence were. When they got down the stairs, the same emptiness greeted them. The place looked like it had been empty for months. Nothing but a bit of sand on the decks and the odd bit of trash. Nothing to show that the Mollska family had ever lived here. Even the brass nameplate on the door was gone.


“Double Fuck.” George resisted the urge to punch the glass and headed back up the steps.


Dr. Mollska and Gillian smiled as they watched the construction of the new Aquarium go up in Wellington. The twins were just beinning to walk, and Steven was fascinated by the big cranes and cement trucks with their funnels.

“How long till it’s all built Grandpa?”

“Oh, about six months. Be patient.”

“I will. Can we go swimming?”

“Of course, Steven.” Dr. Mollska smiled as he and his family walked out across the sands to their new home.

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