Game Piece

Jennifer became aware that the stainless steel table under her face was warm. She had no idea of how long she’d been there, nor would be there. The left side of her face would have a smooth mark on it. She realized that she couldn’t move, except to blink and breath. Other parts of her anatomy, left breast, left hip and thigh as well as her right knee were also warm on the table. She couldn’t even tell if she was naked.

The room was pitch dark, and neither hot or cold. Jennifer couldn’t tell by sounds where she was either. However, the smells made her think it was a kitchen. A faint smell of bleach, salad greens and Italian dressing. No other clues though. She wasn’t hungry, nor did she have to pee, so she hadn’t been here very long.

Tom and Art’s games had gotten a little bizarre. Last time she’d found herself tied to a statue of a horse in City Park. They’d had Shibari lessons and it took an hour to release her. In the end, the cops had just cut the ropes. Jennifer wondered if Becky was somewhere nearby. The park and Shibari game had been a duet. The police found Becky tied to a park bench.

Jennifer listened, trying to hear if anyone else was breathing. no luck. She’d just have to wait and see what happened next.


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