Flash Fiction Friday The Snip


“Oh, Mr. Davis… I really shouldn’t.”

“Please?” He gave her the big puppy eye look. “This will be the last time everything will work like it’s suppose to. The last time to feel that deep down release. Last time to cum for weeks.”

“Oh… okay.” She looked around, closed the door and then dropped her uniform. She knew he was scheduled for a vasectomy in the morning.

She was a vision of delight in her white bra and panties, stockings and little nursing cap. The soft curls hid behind the translucent panel of her panties and her scent tickled his nose. His cock twitched beneath the sheet. Pulling down the sheet, she gasped as she saw the size of his cock. Not long, but thick. She felt her panties grow wet. Bending down, she kissed it. Then slowly, she took it in her mouth.

“Oh yes… That feels good.” His hips rose up off of the bed, until he filled her mouth. He’d always had fantasies about nurses and sex. Her lips barely fit around him, but that hot sweet mouth of hers tipped him over the edge faster than he’d thought. “Uuuhngg,” he moaned between gritted teeth.

She licked him clean and then sat back. She ached to be touched, her panties soaked and juices trickling down her thighs.

“Come here.” He held out his hands and she climbed into his lap. “That was a great blowjob. Now to give you a treat.” He cradled her in his lap and began kissing her ear. His cock rubbed against her ass. Then his hand worked beneath her panties. Tugging them and then rubbing her clit until she moaned in orgasm.

“But… Mr. Davis…”

“Shhush… Quiet… Remember, First, do no harm,” he whispered in her ear as he made her cum.


I knew where this one was going, the moment I saw the picture. 🙂 Tom, of Three Spelling Mistakes has given the Flash Fiction Friday mob this challenge:

Word Limit: 300
Bonus Words: +100 if you tell us your opinion on ObamaCare.
Required Phrase: “First, do no harm”
Forbidden Concept: Don’t make it about blue balls.
Extra Credit: Throw some medical mumbo jumbo in there.

I stuck with the regular word limit. Hope you enjoy my little medical romp! And if you did, check out Tom’s blog to see who else played. Better yet, write your own Flash Fiction Friday. 

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday The Snip

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  1. Reciprocal therapy, nice. Even though, it is clear to me that he didn’t talk to his doctor. After my snip I watched TV on the couch with a bag frozen peas on my junk for a long weekend and came like gangbusters a week later. I had a super hot nurse at my cardiologist for a while and, though she was a little flirty, we never got up the courage or privacy to pursue anything. It certainly made my visits more enjoyable.

    1. LOL.. although, this story happens the night Before his snip… 🙂
      Most men end up ‘lovin’ on the frozen veg’ for a while from what I hear. A friend’s ex came over to my house two days after his snip… And my cat, who Hated him, jumped up into his lap and started knitting. I loved that cat.

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