Game Piece (2)

Fluorescent lights flickered on. Jennifer realized she was in a kitchen. Her heart beat faster, wondering what would come next.

“Oh wow man! Someone left us a woman wrapped in cellophane on the table!” exclaimed a young man.


“Yeah! Look!”

“Oh. Miss? Are you alright?”

Jennifer blinked at him, and tried to smile. She could hear hands moving and a knife or scissors cutting the cellophane. That at least explained why she couldn’t move, but didn’t feel like she had anything holding her. And, best of all, she wasn’t totally nude. Once they had cut all of the cellphane off of her, they helped her sit up.

“Who did this to you ma’am?” asked the younger man.

“My boyfriend. It’s a game.”

“A game? What if we hadn’t come into work?” the older man asked.

“He would have checked on me soon. Where’s your bathroom?”

“Through that hall and to the right,” the younger man said.

“Thanks.” Jennifer got up gingerly and headed for the toilet.


By the time she got back, the kitchen was bustling. The table that had been her ‘bed’, had been scrubbed and cleaned. Her handbag and coat were on a chair. She picked them up and started to head out.

“Ma’am, are you sure you don’t want us to call the police? A cab? Someone?” the older man asked.

“No. I’m fine. It’s a game. It’s okay.” She smiled and headed towards the door. When she got out the door, Tom and Art were standing there, smiling.

“You two are incorrigible.”

“Yeah, but it was fun,” said Art.

“We got good pics this time too,” said Tom.

“Well, you can take me home. I’m hungry and want to change my clothes.”

“Okay. Do you want a hint as to where we are tying you up tonight?”

Jennifer looked at them. “No. As long as it isn’t the zoo again. That was just creepy.” She shuddered, thinking about waking up on the bench in front of the tigers cage.

“Okay. No clues. Just be ready, and wear something nice and sexy,” said Tom.

“Alright.” Jennifer sighed as she got into the car and they headed home.

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