Game Piece (3)

Jennifer showered, ate a sandwich and then took a nap. When the alarm went off, she got up, ate a salad and drank some tea. She knew that the guys would be there by 6pm. At 5pm, she dressed in a leather bikini, a lace overdress and high heels. The doorbell rang just as she finished dressing.

“You ready?” Tom asked as he looked her over.


“Wow. Like the outfit,” said Art. “Here’s your pill.” He handed her the ruffie.

Jennifer looked at the tiny pill and then walked back to the kitchen where she took it. Then the three of them walked out the door. She fell asleep ten minutes after they got in the car.


“Are you sure you have permission?” Art asked Tom

“Yes. I checked with Tim three separate times. He said that the club is real quiet on Tuesdays. They promised us a private room.”

“Okay.” Art pulled into the back of the Rosy Thorn Club and parked next to the docking bay. Tim and a few other men stood there waiting.

“You know, I didn’t believe you the first time we talked about this,” said Tim.

“Yeah, I know,” said Tom.

“What kind of pleasure do you two get out of this? Or her?” asked Miller.

“Thrills of doing something a bit dangerous. Sort of an adrenaline high,” said Art. “Plus, it’s just fun figuring out new scenes. We do it a couple of times a month and then take a break.”

“Okay. Let’s get her out of the car and into the dungeon,” said Tim.


Art and Tom picked up Jennifer. It was obvious that they were use to moving her. Tom carried her while Art grabbed the bag on the floor. They followed the men into a hallway and then back to a room with curtained walls and a St. Andrew’s cross. It was horizontal at the moment. Tom placed Jennifer on it face up. Tim helped them secure her in place and and make sure she was supported.

“How long until she wakes up?”

Art looked at his watch. “About an hour.”

“You are staying here, right?” Tim asked.

“Yes. We always stay right out of sight.” Tom pointed to where he’d placed the bag and then walked over and sat down. Art followed.

“I’ll see you guys in about 45 minutes.”

“Thanks Tim,” Art said. They pulled out their phones and played Angry Birds while they waited.

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