The Dragon Boat (18)

“Are you awake?”


“Is all of you awake?” Ellisif looked into Lothar’s eyes and smiled. Her hand traced down his stomach until it met his cock, which was ‘awake’.

Lothar laughed. “Yes. Come here you horny woman.” He pulled her into his arms and in a few moments, she was riding his cock in a gentle rocking motion. His hands cupped her breasts which were heavier and firmer. He pinched the nipples and Ellisif moaned. Her body wrapped around his cock clenched tight too.

“Oh, so lovely. So delightful,” she said. Her rocking back and forth increased, and Lothar let her set the pace. Her belly while big, was not an impediment to sex yet. Lothar felt his balls tighten as his orgasm began to build. They both began to move faster until he grasped her hips tightly as his orgasm ripped up his spine. Ellisif cried out as her own orgasm flowed across her senses a moment later. Giggling, she collapsed beside him in the bed.

As they lay there catching their breath, the sounds of the fire being stirred could be heard. Either Darius or Olaf was up. Lothar stuck his head out of the curtained box bed to see who it was.

Olaf looked up from the fire. “You two… Too damn noisy.” He laughed.

“Yes, there is no water to muffle the sound,” replied Lothar.

Olaf nodded. “We work the land today?”

“Yes. From mercenary to trader to farmer,” Lothar sighed.

Olaf laughed as Lothar’s head jerked in response to Ellisif thumping him. He went to wake up Darius.



The sun was hot on Ellisif’s head. She still wasn’t use to being on land all the time. However, she realized that with the baby being due soon, this was probably a good place to be. The men had worked the gardens and the smoke house was filled with fish and meat. Lothar was a good hunter and Olaf and Darius did well with the small boat and nets. She sat trying to sew clothes for the baby. She’d given up trying to learn to weave at this point. Her spinning didn’t meet Aunt Drifa’s standards either. There would be time during the long winters to improve. She thought about her fader heading back to Kœnugarðr and trading on the river.

Farulf and the rest of the crew had come by a few days before to say goodbye. Snorri and Gundar had been teary. Ragnar and Hafr had tried to be stoic, which lasted all of three minutes. Bjorn and Kafi carried up an object covered in a cloak. Ellisif pulled off the cloak to find a cradle. It had been her turn to cry.

By the time that the crew of the Dragon boat had left, there had been tears, toasts, more gifts and then hugs as each of the crew said their goodbyes. Farulf had been last, holding Ellisif close and giving her a heavy pouch. After the crew had gone, she’d opened it to find enough gold, silver and gems to keep them safe for many a year.

Putting her sewing down, she looked across the field to watch Lothar swing the scythe, while Darius caught up the rye and made shooks of it. Olaf gathered the shooks and set them upright to dry. It wouldn’t be long before the days began to grow shorter, and with that the winter wouldn’t be far behind.



“Lothar.” Ellisif shook his arm. Lothar snored, wrapped an arm around her and never really woke. Ellisif punched him.


“Go get my aunt.”

Lothar blinked. “Drifa?”

“Yes!” Ellisif growled between her teeth. “Now!” She doubled over clutching her stomach.

Lothar suddenly realized what was happening. He leapt out of the box bed and began to dress. As he pulled on his boots, he hollered for Olaf and Darius to wake up. He was out the door and gone before either of them could rub the sand out of their eyes.


Drifa, the midwife and Lothar got back in time to see Olaf helping Ellisif to a padded spot on the far bench near the fire. Drifa started ordering the three men around while the midwife saw to Ellisif.

“Looothar!” Ellisif cried out as a contraction rippled across her body. He went over to hold her while Darius brought in firewood and Olaf filled the kettle with water. Then the two of them vanished before Drifa could think of anything else to order them to do. Even as they crossed the yard, they could hear Drifa giving orders and Ellisif crying out swear words.


Lothar walked into the barn. “Olaf? Darius? It’s safe to come out now.”

“The baby? It’s born?” asked Darius.

“Yes. A little boy, with lungs like his grandfader.” Lothar grinned as the other two came out of the barn. The sun was just rising. Both men hugged Lothar.

“Will… Ellisif is she ready to let us in?” asked Olaf.

Lothar nodded. “Drifa and Unna, the midwife, have cleaned up the mess after they got Ellisif and the baby back in bed.”

The three men walked to the longhouse. Lothar peeked into the box bed and Ellisif made a shush noise. He could see that the baby was asleep. Olaf and Darius peered in, smiled and then went back to their beds. It had been a long night.

Lothar climbed in next to Ellisif and the baby. “What are we naming him?”

“I… I don’t know. I kept thinking of all the family names, and realized that I don’t like many of them. What was your fader’s name?”


“I like that. Would you want our son to have his name?” Ellisif yawned. It had been a hard fast delivery, and she was tired.

Lothar thought for a moment. “Yes. I would.” He curled up around Ellisif and Járni and they were all asleep in moments.



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