Flash Fiction Friday Perceptions


Delia’s computer was possessed. At least David thought so. As he stepped out of the shower, Three Dog’s Night’s ‘Joy to the World’ began to play. He laughed at the words, and found himself singing along softly.

Joy to the world
All the boys and girls, now
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me

If I were the king of the world
Tell you what I’d do
I’d throw away the cars and the bars and the wars
Make sweet love to you*

Delia walked in and smiled at the sight of David singing along wearing nothing but a towel. “So, you going to make sweet love to me?”

“Oh yes. As soon as we get back from this evenings event.” He dropped the towel and began to dress.

“Do we really have to go?” She sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Yes. You know that the community expects us to be there. We are a visual exception to a perceived paradigm in relationships.” David slid his trousers on and then the dress shirt.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she sighed. “You really have to stop looking so delicious if you want us to get there on time.” Delia walked over and ran her hand across his chest where skin peeked through the shirt.

“Get dressed Delia. The sapphire dress if it is clean. We have to make a good impression tonight.” He kissed her and turned her towards the closet. She went, dropping her business suit to the ground in favor of the sapphire raw silk gown. She shimmied into it. David bit his lip, as his cock twitched. Ice… Snow… My mama walking in on us…” he thought, trying to will his erection to settle down.

Delia slipped the matching heels on and went to the bathroom to comb her hair and touch up her makeup. “You know, they are just going to have to accept us as we are. That all of their prejudices are not going to change our relationship.”

“I agree with you Delia. As Heinlein said, Freedom begins when you tell Mrs. Grundy to go fly a kite.”**

Delia came out of the bathroom. She took David’s breath away. “I agree with you David. Do you think this will help change their minds?”

“If it doesn’t, not a single one of those narrow minded bastards has a cock, or is alive below the waist.” He straightened his tie and put on his jacket.

“Why Delia, I didn’t know you were…” the community chairman started.

“Oh Mr. Smith, “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet’,*** and all that kind of thing.”

“Oh,.. yes, why yes…” the man stammered and walked off, the blush of embarrassment creeping up his neck.

David walked over. “That was well played, but not nice.”

“He deserved it. Trying to pull out that old prejudicial chestnut is just not passing this woman.”

David gave her a hug. “Let’s go see what’s available for nibbles.” The two of them walked over to the buffet table, and began to place various bits on their plates.

“How’s it going David?” a man in a gray sports jacket said as he walked up to the table.

“Fine Jeff. I’d like you to meet Delia.”

Jeff and Delia shook hands. “You my dear are not what I expected in the least.”

“Always glad to shatter perceptions.” She smiled and continued on down the buffet table leaving the two men to talk.

“She is unexpectedly wonderful. Half the community committee is just charmed.”

“Good. I’m tired of all the old clichés and stupid perceptions. And in no way in this day and age should it make a damn bit of difference about being accepted here.” David let the slight growl creep into his voice. He hated to have to expose himself or Delia to this kind of thing, but there was no way around it. For him to advance, they needed acceptance.

“Well, you’ve got my vote.” Jeff saluted and walked off.

David smiled.

The rest of the evening went well, and by the end, David was relieved to hear that Delia had not been an impediment or hindrance in being accepted into the community. If it had, there would have been serious repercussions. He understood the ‘old boy’ network was rather old fashioned and set in their ways, but he knew if he didn’t challenge the old ways, they’d never change. David and Delia had been asked to step out for a moment while a vote was taken. When they came back in, the community had voted unanimously to accept them. The change in station and location would make a world of difference to his work. Even Mr. Smith had managed to overcome his prejudicial nature when it came to people like Delia.

“So, how soon do we move?” Delia asked as they got back into the car.

“Monday if it’s alright with you.” David loosened his tie as they drove off.

“That fast?”

“Yes. They’ve wanted me in the position ever since Brian left. The only hold up had been meeting you.”

“Oh yes… is she one of ‘them’, or is she reasonable.” Delia’s voice was sarcastic in tone.

“It’s over. Let go of it and we can enjoy ourselves.”

“I guess so. It’s just so frustrating that either one of us had to go through that.” Delia leaned over and kissed him. “Make love to me?”

“When we get home.”

“Well then, you’d better concentrate on the road.”

He smiled as she traced her nails over his thigh.

The dress came off in a swoosh of fabric. David’s trousers hit the floor and the two of them fell to the bed in a tangle of passion. Restraint wasn’t one of her better traits. She was hot and wet, and he slid his fingers deep inside. David’s cock swelled and bumped against her thigh as they kissed and touched. As she opened up, he stroked her to orgasm. He loved the slick wetness as her juices flowed. When the last tremor left her melted on the bed, he slid inside.

“Oh David,” she moaned. Her hands ran over his body, slick with a fine sheen of sweat. She moved to take his cock in her mouth. The bead of precum danced across her tongue as she licked and sucked him. His hand on her head steadied him as she twirled her tongue around his shaft. Delia felt him stiffen more and more. Then she moved so that he could thrust his cock between her thighs. Her moans and little squeals of delight added to the sensual pleasure.

“Delia, you are… so…” David’s words were lost in the kisses they shared as their bodies moved together in a dance of love. Her titian hair fanned across the sheets as they moved faster and faster. In one last deep thrust, he spilled his seed deep inside.

“Ah..ahhhh,” she moaned in concert with his thrusts as her own body inched towards that shared pleasure. As they fell to their sides on the bed, his hand stroked her body, bringing her to orgasm again and again until she giggled, liquid with satisfaction.

“How am I going to work tomorrow?” he asked. “You stole my very bones.”

“Oh, I think we’ll find them by morning.” As they lay there exhausted, Delia’s computer began playing “Livin’ on the Edge’.

There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today
The light bulb’s gettin’ dim
There’s meltdown in the sky

If you can judge a wise man
By the color of his skin
Then mister you’re a better man that I

We’re livin’ on the edge
We’re livin’ on the edge****

Delia peeked over David’s shoulder and smiled at the screen. She never knew what the play list on the music program would play. The selection system was random. Next to her, David laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“You really want to know?”


“That song… it’s talking about being racially prejudice.”


“Well, if that is what we’d faced tonight, it would have been a totally difference situation. I’d have told the committee to go to hell and walked out the door. I could have told them that if you’re judging my relationship and how well we’d fit by skin color, they could go hang.”

“I know, but that doesn’t happen any more. Hasn’t happened in ages.”

“No. Instead, I had to prove to them that a computer IT professional and electrical engineer didn’t wear thick black glasses, wear frumpy tweed suits or any other of their perceived ideas. I was able to show that you’re a lovely woman who fits into an artists community and that you wouldn’t pollute their vibe. You’d think that they’d never thought that technology and art could coincide.”

Delia kissed his shoulder. “We did indeed prove to them that science can be sweet, sexy and creative. Best of all, they accepted us. We may drag them into the 22nd century yet.”

David smiled, and kissed her. “I love you.”

“Love you too.”


Our dear Muse for Flash Fiction Friday has set us quite the task this week. Our requirements are:
Word Count: 1,667 (the same length as the I Have A Dream speech).
Penalty Words: -100 for every time you laugh at one of these jokes.
Required Words: Include a speech, quote, poem, or lyric that inspires you to love your fellow human beings, regardless of skin color.
Forbidden Phrase: “Once you go black…”
Extra Credit: Tell us an interracial hook-up fantasy… or reality.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to use for the required word/phrase… In fact, I was rather at a loss to choose the right phrase… song… poem. I’m color blind when it comes to race. 🙂 So, there is a mix of bits and pieces. Hope you enjoy my romp.

*Three Dog Night

**Robert A. Heinlein

***William Shakespeare


8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Perceptions

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  1. Loved it. Color blind or not, your lyrics/poems/quotes were spot on. I never really listened to the lyrics of Living on the Edge. Thanks for writing this week!

  2. I think we all carry our pre-concieved notions along with us no matter how hard we try to avoid them. We take mental shortcuts,make assumptions, jump to the obvious conclusions because we don’t have, or make time, to get beyond appearances. If we all admitted we were, as they say in Avenue Q, “just a little bit racist” we could move forward with the conversation a bit more quickly.

    1. Agreed Advizor. That’s part of the reason that I took a screaming left turn on what the prejudice was. 🙂 Although, some people are worse at the whole ‘pre-concieved notions’ than others.

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