…And the Big Bad Wolf (8)

Sorry this has taken a while. I’ve been under the weather. ugh! Enjoy this latest installment!

Joey wasn’t the only employee the man had working for him. Ted was new and didn’t know Joey existed. Nor would he ever. All he knew is that the man in the office was willing to pay him good money to destroy things. This appealed to Ted. He’d laughed at the orders he’d been given. Tonight he was suppose to feed the dogs the poisoned meat and then go break windows at this swank house in the suburbs. Oh, and he was suppose to pee on things. He’d had to wait to toss the meat over the fence of Alpha Wolf Tech. Somebody kept driving by, which made him late for the other job. He didn’t have time to make sure the dogs ate the meat. He just tossed it and drove.

The neighborhood was old and quiet. The big house had lots of windows. Ted started in the back, and while he could break and enter, that only led him to a back porch. He tried the inner door, but it was well locked. Ted bashed and broke as much stuff on the back porch as possible. Then he checked the outside. No one had noticed him, so he went to the front door. The lock wouldn’t jimmy. He tried slamming it with the hammer from the back porch. Nothing. Realizing that once he broke glass, that the neighbors might notice, he peed all over the front door and porch furniture. Taking one last look, he started at the corner of the porch and began breaking windows as he ran towards the back of the house. The big picture window, two side windows and a kitchen window. As he rounded the back, he took out another three windows across the back and headed down the side. He’d just reached the far side of the front porch when he heard someone pull up and start yelling. Ted headed back towards the back yard. He threw the hammer back in the last window he broke and then ran for the alley.


Ginny and Patrick pulled up, and as they got out of the car, they heard the sound of broken glass. “Ginny, call 911. I’m heading for the house.” The tone of Patrick’s voice would have frozen anyone else.

Ginny called 911. “I’m reporting vandalism and possible break in at…” She gave the address as she walked up to the front porch. The smell of piss filled her nose, and under it the note of fresh meat. Finishing off the call, she looked around as she called Pete. “Hey Pete. Check on Buttercup and Fezzik. Yes, I know that Cal just did. Do it. I have a bad feeling. No, but the person who just vandalized Andrew’s house also smelled of bloody meat.” She hung up and waited for either the police or Patrick to show up.


Ted ran down the alley. He was skinny and fast, but whoever was chasing him was good. He’d jumped a fence or two and the guy kept coming. He couldn’t see him in the gathering dark. All he could think of was reaching his car that was now over six blocks behind him.


Patrick could smell the bastard. Sweat, blood and fresh piss. No Axe aftershave, but no one said that there weren’t more than one. He let his body shift ever so slightly. It gave him the advantage of sight, nose and endurance. Up ahead, he watched the man jump a fence. He cleared the fence at a run, and realized that the man had started to cut back the way he came. A feral snarl curled Patrick’s lips.


Ginny saw the flashing lights and watched two cars pull up. David and his partner got out of the first car. “About time you got here.”

“Ginny, we’ve been busy. The Mall got hit.”

“Yeah David, and this is Andrew’s house. Someone’s busted windows and peed all over the front porch.”

David blinked. He looked around to see that his partner and the other cops were taking notes of the damage. “One of us?”

“No. Beer and cheap pizza, combined with beef blood.”

“That’s a weird mix.” David was scratching his head.

“Yes, unless you wanted to poison a few dogs.” Ginny watched as that sunk in.

“Have you called Pete? Cal’s with Luc and Andrew.”

“I’m waiting to hear back. Sara would kill anyone who hurt her babies.”

“Ginny, you know, I’m not sure who’s scarier. You or that little girl.”

“She will be.” Ginny gave David a look that sent shivers up his spine.

“Let’s go join the others. Oh, and where’s Patrick?”

“He’s chasing the guy.”

David took a deep breath. This evening was getting worse and worse.


Ted was beginning to run out of energy. The last jump over the fence had nearly broken his leg when he landed. The fucker with the computer was going to pay him double for the next job. If there was a next job. He could see his car off in the distance and began to run as fast as he could.


Patrick cleared the last fence with no problem. Half shifted, he had more than enough strength to clear it. Up ahead under the streetlights was his target. The scent of sweat was like a ribbon wafting in the breeze. Patrick noted that the guy was headed for a car. He also knew the guy would never reach it.

Ted ran. He was almost there. Fifty more feet. Then the world stopped as a ton of body slammed him to the ground. He tried to scream, but nothing came out. A hand clamped around his throat and then drug him up. He wanted to scream again, as the face of his attacker was clear under the streetlight. Long canines, and eyes that radiated anger stared back at him. The hands around his throat kept him from doing more than squeak. Then he felt himself being dragged up the street. He’d have peed himself if he could.


Patrick dragged the man back to the front of the house. He took deep breaths, trying to calm himself down enough to face the police. He had no idea if any of them were going to be shifter friendly. By the time he reached Andrew’s house, he had it together for the most part. He was glad to see David and Seth standing next to Ginny. He walked up and threw the man hard enough to make him bounce at their feet. “Hherrrs the bashtarrrd,” he growled.

Ginny looked at Patrick and then back to where the other cops were working. “Settle down quickly,” she said softly.

David looked at the man on the ground. He could tell by scent that it was the same man. Now the real trick would be to get him to tell them who’d hired him. “What have you to say for yourself?”

“Wasn’t me,” the man gasped.

“Right. We have a hammer with nice fingerprints on it and… we know it was you that pissed on the door,” Seth said with a quiet whisper.

“How? No way. I want a lawyer! Hell, you haven’t even arrested me.” Ted was getting cocky.

Seth looked at David and then Patrick. The two men moved between the cops on the porch. Seth let his face shift just enough to show wolfish features. “I can smell you,” he said in a voice full of subvocals.

Ted screamed.


Andrew and Luc pulled up in front of Andrew’s house just in time to see a man being put into a cop car. David, Seth, Ginny and Patrick walked over to Luc’s car. Ginny’s phone rang and she turned to take the call.

“Whoever it is isn’t playing nice,” said Patrick.

“How much damage to the house?” asked Andrew.

“Just broken glass and pee on the front porch,” said Seth. “I’ve called the family clean up crew, and insurance company. You and Vivien should stay in a hotel for a night or two.”

“They’re staying with me,” growled Luc. “Any idea who’s doing this?”

“No, but the guy Ted is ready to sing. We’ll get his full story back at the station,” said David. “Patrick here ran him down, and then Seth persuaded him that we did know he was the cause of the damage.” He smiled and let a bit of fang show.

Andrew nodded. “Do any of us have an idea as to why?”

“No. But the bastard tried to get Buttercup and Fezzik again.” Ginny had finally joined the conversation. “That was Pete on the phone. More poisoned meat. Buttercup is okay, but Fezzik is at the vets. Vet says he’ll make it, but his days as a guard dog may be over.”

“I’ll contact that company we used before and get another dog,” said Luc. He walked off to make the call.

Andrew looked at the two cops. “Shall we follow you? Or is this strictly police business?”

“For now, stay here and deal with the clean up crew. Then go back and cuddle Vivien. I’ll call you if we find anything,” said David. Then he and Seth left with the other policemen to book and question Ted.


Vivien dreamed she was in the softest bed she’d every had. Warm, soft and very safe.


The wolves were protecting the red furred mate. Her pups would be safe. Her mate curled around her first, and the other two kept turns watching for danger. The biggest wolf of all paced from one room to the next. He moved from his pups to his mate and back. The pups were in a big pile. Two small pups and three bigger ones. His mate was restless. When he checked on his pack mates, the older wolf raised his head from his mates pillow. The two of them nodded. One went back to sleep while the other walked.


Deep in his office, the man sat at the computer. He was destroying files and getting ready to move. His police band radio had served him well. He knew that Joey had gotten away, while Ted had been captured. He’d have to make some new contacts and change a few plans. However, he still had everything in line for the next few weeks.

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