This story comes from a conversation between SSir and myself. 



The sound of the chains on the streets was crisp and clear in the cold air. People ran for cover, hoping not to be seen.

Chink-chink-chink! The motorcycle engines roared over the sound of the chains on the tires clinking against the ice covered roads. The ten bikers pulled up at the corner. Steam rose from their helmets. Electric chatter was all there was to hear. No voices, just low level noise. Some sort of agreement was made and the bikers turned left and headed deeper into town. They stopped in front of a building and parked their bikes. Each one took a heavy tarp and spread it over the machines before they headed inside.


“Howdy gents!” the barkeeper said as the men walked inside through the inner door. He watched as they moved to the fire before they began to take off their outer gear. Helmets, balaclavas, heavy thermal jackets and pants. Then and only then could their faces be seen.

“Food. Something good and hot. And beer.” said one of the men.

“Yes sir! Comin’ right up!” The barkeeper headed back towards the kitchen. “Sadie! Ten bowls of stew, bread and butter.”

“At this time a night?” She stood there with her hand on her hip.

“None of yer sas! It’s the Vortex gang.”

Sadie’s eyes went wide and she started dishing up stew as fast as she could. Last thing she wanted was to come across as uncooperative. The Vortex gang were one of the ‘authoritative’ groups that had survived the weather vortexes that had devastated the planet fifteen winters ago. They rode where they wanted, did what they wanted and had who they wanted. No one stood up to them. She put bowls on a large tray and headed out.


Ken watched the cook/waitress hurry out of the kitchen with a tray bigger than she was and full of food. She served everyone and left two loaves of bread. Disappearing back into the kitchen, she was back in a minute with cheese, butter, jam and a spicy chutney. The barkeeper delivered beer in heavy steins at the same time. When the cook had put the last dish down, he grabbed her hand. “Let’s look at you.”

The cook froze. Pushing back a lock of dark curly hair, she stood there trying to catch her breath. Ken looked her up and down. “This better be good.”

“It is. Venison and my garden veg,” she said in a whisper.

“Sit here.” Ken pointed to a spot next to him on the bench. The cook sat.


The barkeeper watched with a mix of horror and curiosity. Sadie wasn’t known for keeping her mouth shut, nor the best temper. He didn’t know if she’d screw up and die on the inn floor or not. When the food ran low, she was sent for more. He started to follow her, and the one biker just shook a finger at him. He stayed at the bar.


Sadie didn’t know whether to run or scream. She filled the bowls and returned them to the table, careful to give each man his bowl. Then she ran for more bread before being made to sit next to the one man. She sat as still as she could, hoping that they’d ignore her once they were finished eating.


Ken looked over at Bill and George. Each one of them nodded. Ken smiled. When they were finished, he stood up, belched and then grabbed the cook. She squeaked, but didn’t cry out. He smiled. “Rooms!”

“Yes sir! How many?”

“Three should be enough.”

The barkeeper gave him three room keys and then started to clear up the table. He figured he’d have to find a new cook. Sadie might not live through the night.


Sadie tried not to panic. She’d heard rumors of what the Vortex gang did to people. She followed the one man into a room. Two others followed. The first man pulled her into his arms.

“Let’s see if you kiss as good as you cook.” His lips began to devour hers. As he kissed her, the sound of a knife being drawn could be heard behind her. Before she could react, her clothes were cut from her as the first man continued to kiss her.

Bill and George undressed. When they were naked, they took the cook from Ken’s arms and let him undress. Laying down on the bed, they began kissing and touching the woman. She tried to struggle a time or two, but a well placed slap or pinch corrected her behavior.

“She’s a wet one,” said Bill

“Yeah. Real juicy,” agreed George.

“Good. Hold her up for me.” Ken stood at the end of the bed. Bill and George grabbed the woman by and arm and leg and held her so that Ken could slide his cock into her pussy. His cock was average length, but thick. He grabbed the woman by her spread legs and guided his cock into her pussy. He shoved hard, making the woman gasp. The two men rocked her back in forth in a rhythm that matched Ken’s strokes. Ken roared his orgasm a few minutes later, and when he pulled out, cum dripped from the woman’s body. They dropped her on the bed.

Ken crawled up on the bed and straddled her chest. He grabbed her head and forced his sopping cock into her mouth. “Clean me up.”


Sadie was still in shock over the ‘aerial’ fuck. When he ordered her to clean him up, she struggled to get her mouth around the huge cock. As she finally got him clean, she felt a tongue and fingers attacking her pussy. She couldn’t move.


“Oh man. You filled her up good,” said Bill as he licked her pussy.

Ken smiled. “Yeah, her tongue is pretty good too.” He moved off of her and she was flipped over before she could say a word. George moved under her and shoved his cock in her mouth as Bill mounted her from behind.

“Nice hot pussy.”

George groaned and arched his hips. “Nnice mouth too.” It didn’t take him long to blow his wad down her throat. She gagged, but he made her lick him clean. Once she was done, Bill increased his thrusts and came hard, gripping her hips. They let her fall to the bed.

“What’s your name?” Ken asked.


“Well, you keep us satisfied, we’ll let you live. If not, we might let the rougher members have their way with you.”

Sadie nodded, knowing there was nothing else to do. The men crawled under the covers, and pulled Sadie in with them. She felt Ken stuff his cock up her pussy again as the one called Billy fingered her. The last thing she remembered was a roaring orgasm torn from her body by the combination of being fucked and fingered.

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