Flash Fiction Friday…. Not.

I have missed very few FFF’s over the 4 years I’ve been participating. This is one of them. Why? you wonder? Well… It’s football. It’s the Superbowl. And… it’s my mom.

You see, my mom is a huge Bronco Fan. She has a shelf above her computer that is covered in family pictures, little cards and BRONCO stuff. We jokingly call it her altar. On game days, she wears blue tennis shoes with orange laces, Bronco shirts and blue and orange socks. She loves football, and her team. She’s in her late 70’s and has been a fan since the ’60’s. She has Bronco gnomes, Santas, bells, etc… Get the picture?

Now there’s me. I’m not really a sports fan. A little bit of the Olympics maybe, the odd passing glance at a soccer game, and I Never watch the Broncos. I’m a jinx. If I watch, they lose. 5 minutes, and they lose the ball, miss the field goal, etc. The last time they were at the SuperBowl, I walked through the living room, and on a pass that No One should have missed, they did. All the males in my family yelled until I left. The minute I did, they mysteriously got the ball back. If we’re in town at a restaurant that has TV on, and the Broncos are playing, I make sure my back is turned. More than once, Wolf and I have been in a place like that and if the Broncos start losing, we hurry up and eat. The worst was the time we were just leaving and my mom called to ask me why I was watching the Broncos. sigh…

So, I don’t watch. If I even think about the fact that they are playing, I cheer for the other team. When they played the Patriots, I did my best not to be near anything, not even my computer.

Considering the topic of the Flash Fiction Friday, I figured it best not to play this week. Even Wolf agreed. While everyone else is watching the game, me and a bunch of friends are going to work on craft projects…

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday…. Not.

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  1. Lol that happens to me a lot and not just with soccer (sorry UK here) it can happen with tennis matches, the one I want to win usually starts to lose when I start to watch also with rugby (again sorry UK lol) if I want a particular team to win and I start to watch they start to lose so I turn over and watch something else lol.

  2. Considering your computer randomly begins playing music I think it is mighty nice of you to make this sacrifice.

    As for the game…well someone asked me the other day at work who I was rooting for…I responded with…”There’s a game being played??”

  3. That’s so funny – my mom is like that with the 49ers. i don’t dislike them or football – I’m just not terribly interested, so I’m not allowed to talk about it with her on games days b/c she says my “lack of passion” is a jinx 😉

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