Game Piece (4)

Jennifer woke up in a dimly lit room. Floor was black. What little she could see, she was on a wooden table of some sort and the curtain across the room was black as well. She tried to stretch and move, but realized that her wrists, ankles and body were secured. “Hello?”

Art and Tom looked up. Before either of them could move, Miller, Boris and Tim motioned for them to stay put.

“Hello? Anyone there?”

“Yes, little one,” said a deep velvety voice in accented English.

Jennifer felt good bumps race across her skin at the sound of that voice. “Um… Where are you?”

“Right here.” Boris touched her foot as he spoke.

“Oh!” Jennifer was startled. “Where am I?”

“Where you belong.” Boris took up a velvety soft flogger and stroked up one leg and down the other. He smiled as her body reacted.

“Huh? Um… I have friends that are suppose to come get me. Can you please let me up?” The panic in her voice was apparent.

Boris hit the quick release and moved the St. Andrew’s cross vertically. “Now you are up.”

Jennifer tried to look around and could still see no one. She felt a presence behind her and the piece of cloth that had cradled her head was removed. Looking ahead of her, she could see two men standing. One had on jeans, a tee shirt and a smirking smile. The other was wearing a business suit. “Who are you?”

“We are Doms,” said the suited one.

“We control the situation. If you truly want everything to stop, all you need say is pawn.”

“However, we will do things that may hurt, but feel good in their own way. It is up to you to decide. We are here to teach your body to respond. To see what you like and don’t like,” said Jeans.

“Um… Where are Tom and Art?”

“They have stepped back for the moment. Right now you are our little game piece,” said the velvety voice behind her.

“Oh.” Jennifer shivered as she felt the velvety thing touch her body again.

“We will only do what you are comfortable with, and no more,” said Jeans. Suit nodded.

“What is that touching my leg?” Jennifer felt her skin react to the touch.

“This is a flogger. It can stroke or sting.” With that, Boris brought the flogger down across her ass in a swift flick. The clothing took most of the stroke, but it obviously surprised the girl. She gasped and arched, but went nowhere as the restraints held. “I take it you have never been flogged.”


“Are you curious?” asked Suit.

Jennifer thought for a moment. “Mmaybe.”

“Well, we will start with the touch,” said the velvet voice. Boris began to slide the flogger up and down her body. Then he whisked her skin with soft strokes that were just a little brisker. Bit by bit he ramped it up until he was applying swift thuddy strokes to her ass.

Jennifer gasped at the change ups, but didn’t ask for it to stop. When the strokes got harder, she gasped. At first she was afraid, but then she realized that there was a part of her that liked it. Just as she liked the games that she, Tom and Art played. Then the strokes stopped.

“Now for a little change up,” said Velvet.

Jennifer gasped loudly as the hand impacted her ass. “Oh!”

The slaps got more intense until the sensation crossed over from impact to sting and edged on pain.

“Ow! Oh Owwww! Stop! Owwwch!” The hand didn’t stop until she was almost crying. Then, when she didn’t think she could take another slap, it stopped. Then there was a hand stroking her tender ass. Caressing and rubbing away the pain. That’s when Jennifer realized that her panties were soaked and she ached to be touched.

“Look at her. Isn’t she lovely?” asked Suit.

Jeans walked closer. “Yes, she is. Look at those nipples. Aching to be touched. I suspect other bits ache to be touched as well?”

Jennifer nodded. She was looking right into their faces, and knew that her need, her ache was written all over her face. “I… I’ve never been turned on like this.”

“We can tell,” said Velvet. “Do you want more?”

“Hhhow? I don’t understand what I’m feeling or why. I should be upset, crying or screaming at being beaten and all I can think of is that I want more somehow.”

“This is the feeling of being aroused by bondage and sensory play. Your body aches for release,” said Suit.

“Yyes, it does. I… I want…” She stopped, too embarrassed to say the words.

A hand came down hard on her tender bottom. “Say it,” said Velvet.

Jennifer swallowed hard. “I… I want to…”

The hand came down twice, swatting her ass.

“I want to come!” she cried out.

“Good girl,” cooed the velvet voice as it rubbed her ass. “Can you come without touch?”

Jennifer wriggled. “No.”

“May we assist?” asked Velvet.

Jennifer blushed. Felt her whole skin turn red. She nodded.

A hand swatted her ass. “Use your words Little One.”

“Yyyes, please.”

A sound started up behind her. Then she felt the vibrator touch her between the legs. It started at her ass and rolled forward. Then it hovered over her clit. She felt waves of pleasure build and build until at last she cried out in orgasm.

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