The Dragon Boat (19)

Járni was a charmer, who soon had his parents, Olaf and Darius wrapped around his fingers. Ellisif slowly grew use to being on land, as did the rest of them. If anyone got too restless, Olaf would take them out in the fishing boat. It worked.

The land kept them busy as well. Farming was difficult in it’s own ways and the men shared the farm work with fishing. Aunt Drifa found people to help work the land and teach the three men how to be farmers. Eventually, they got use to being on land.


“Lothar! Is that you?”

Lothar looked up to see Gundar walking towards the longhouse. “Gundar! What brings you here?”

“I am tired. We are all tired. Farulf, that old bastard took too many chances. I come to talk to you and Ellisif.”

“Well, come in. There should be stew in the pot and bread on the table. Plus a fine mead.”


“Oh Gods no! Olaf and Darius have learned to brew.” Lothar helped Gundar with his bundle and the two of them walked into the house. Ellisif looked up and was surprised to see Gundar.

“Gundar!” She set down the baby and ran over to embrace him. “It’s so good to see you!”

“And you.” He hugged her back. “I have much to tell you.”

“Sit down. Lothar, run and find Olaf. He and Darius are down by the boat.” Ellisif poured a cup of mead for Gundar and then picked up the baby. She no sooner sat down, than a small boy with tow colored hair climbed sleepily out of the big box bed.

“Mutti,” the little boy said as he held out his hands to be picked up.

“And is this the wee viking that brought you here?” Gundar asked.

“Yes. This is Járni. He will be three this spring. This is his sister, Una.” Ellisif held up the baby so that Gundar could see.

“She is the spitting image of you.”

“Spitting, yes.” Ellisif laughed as the baby belched softly.

“I have news,” he started.

“Wait until they are all back. It shouldn’t take long. Sip your mead and be ready to tell Olaf how awful it is.”

Gundar sipped it. “It isn’t bad. In fact, it is very good.”

“Don’t tell him! We’ll never hear the end of it!” Ellisif laughed, and after a moment, so did Gundar.


Gundar had just finished telling little Járni the story of how his mother had fished his father out of the river when Lothar and the other men came into the longhouse. Greetings, hugs and congratulations were given. Then they all sat down.

“You said you had news,” said Ellisif.

“Yes. Your fader, he died fighting Pecheneg warriors. He took down the last of them, but had too many wounds. We sent him to Valhalla with the fallen on his pyre.”

Ellisif sat as if someone had frozen her heart. Lothar took the baby and wrapped his other arm around her. Járni clung to her skirts, not knowing why his mutti was crying.

“How many others of the crew?” asked Olaf.

“Kafi and Dagr. Some injured, but the rest of us make it to the next port. We healed. Sold our cargo and then headed home.”

“Where… where are they?” asked Lothar.

“I… I said I’d come first. See if there was a place for us. See if you wanted us. Some are looking to see if they have any family left. If… if you will have us, I am to send word to them.” Gundar was looking down at the floor, like a dog waiting to be hit or driven off.

Ellisif looked up. “Did you think we wouldn’t want you? That I wouldn’t want my family?”

Gundar nodded slightly. “We were afraid you were mad that we made you leave the ship.”

Ellisif stood up and walked over to Gundar. “Go. Go get the rest of my family. Hurry.” She turned to Olaf. “Go with him.”

Olaf and Gundar cleared out of the longhouse at a trot.

“Are you okay?” Lothar asked.

“Yes, Lothar. I am. I felt that fader had died some time ago, but had no proof. I have now.” She picked up little Una and put her in the cradle. “We have work to do. Help me get ready for our family coming home.”

Darius, Lothar and Ellisif began making the longhouse ready for the men. Ellisif added meat and vegetables to the stew. When things were as ready as they could make them, they walked outside to the rise in the yard where they could watch the road. Lothar held Una, while Járni played in the grass. The first man to head up the hill was Bjorn. Olaf was next, followed by Snorri and Byrnki. Ragnar, Gundar, Hafr, and Tryggvi.

Ellisif ran to Bjorn, and hugged him, and then was enveloped in a crowd of men, who were glad to see her. Lothar held onto the children and Darius smiled at seeing the men.

“Never thought to see you again!”

“What a beautiful boy.”

“So sorry about Farulf.”

“I’ve missed your cooking!”

After what seemed like forever, everyone began to move into the longhouse. Olaf and Darius showed the men where they could put their stuff. Járni was buzzing around like a bee, trying to figure out who all these new uncles were and how they knew his mutti and fader. Una giggled and cooed as she was passed from hand to hand. Olaf helped Ellisif serve up food and Lothar and Darius kept tankards filled with beer or honey. The chatter of men long separated from family filled the longhouse.


After the children had fallen asleep, and the men began to relax, Bjorn sat down next to Ellisif. “Gundar told you what happened?”


“We sold the boat. There is much to give if you want it.” Bjorn held up a heavy leather pouch. “This is your fader’s part. He made me promise to give this to you.”

“He already gave me more than enough.”

Bjorn nodded. “He made me promise.” Then he handed the heavy bag to Ellisif.

She opened it and was amazed to see all of the gold and rough cut jewels. “Where? Where did he have this?”

“He kept money with a man in Miklagardr. Too smart to keep all his money on the boat.”

“You… you need to share this out with the rest of the men.” She pushed the pouch back into Bjorn’s hands.

“No. That has already been done. There was a pouch for each of us. I split the pouches set aside for those who had died. This is yours.” He gave the pouch back to her. “And this is Lothar’s and the baby’s.” Bjorn handed her two more pouches.

Ellisif took them, and nodded. She knew better than to protest. She also knew how much this would help with the farm. They still had plenty of gold left over, but the farm didn’t make money like trading. She hugged Bjorn and then went to bed.



Lothar cuddled Ellisif close. “This is like old times. Trying to have fun and not wake anyone.”

Ellisif nodded. Járni and Una were asleep in the corner of the bed. She had just wriggled close to Lothar, finding him hard. She ached to touch him and feel his cock deep within. As her hands stroked his body, his heart raced. She snuggled under the covers, her mouth engulfing his cock.

Lothar moaned, biting his fist, to try and keep quiet. Ellisif licked and sucked his cock until he could take no more. He pulled her up and rolled over the top of her. Moving between her thighs, he thrust until his cock nestled deep inside. It was Ellisif’s turn to moan softly.

Lothar bent down, and pulled one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked. His mouth filled with milk, and elicited a deeper moan from Ellisif. He switched nipples.

“Llleave some for Una,” she giggled. Lothar blew air across her nipples and then grabbing her hips, thrust faster and faster. Ellisif responded and soon found herself arching in climax. Lothar followed a moment later. They collapsed, gasping and giggling softly.

A voice called out across the longhouse. Lothar stuck his head out of the curtains of the box bed. “What?”

“I said, stop that! You’ll wake the baby,” teased Olaf. Everyone else laughed.

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  1. This reminds me of making love shortly after our son was born. We had one room in the house that had heat, which is where we kept our bed, a mattress and box springs on the floor. We would wrap our baby up and put him on the bed and proceed to make love , trying to not bounce the bed too much and wake him up. Yes, good memories. 🙂

  2. I love all of your stories. The Dragon Boat is great and can’t wait to read chapter 20. Don’t know if this is the spot to say this but I loved Buster the best. I read it 3 times so far, the first couple of times was on another site(I think). Keep up the great work. Please like the chapters sooner as it is frustrating to see the chapter numbers there but not able to read them. Somehow I was able to read all of the Big bad wolf story that was posted and can’t wait to read the rest. I love shifter stories the best. Thanks for sharing your talent. BJS

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