Flash Fiction Friday InTentcity

Couple engaging in sex in tent, silhouette, sunset

“Honey, I want to see your face as we make love.”

“But… we’ve pitched a tent Ginny.”

“I love it when you make that face just as you come. Please?”

“Ginny, we’ll be um… silhouetted.”

“No we won’t. We can set it off to one side and no one will see us. Plus, the rest of the campers are down to our right. So, if we put it on that side, no one will see us. Please?” Ginny ran her hand down his thigh to where his cock strained against his jeans.

Dirk sighed. “Alright.” They set the small lantern on the right, and began to make love.

Shoving their clothes off to one side, Dirk moved between Ginny’s thighs and began to kiss and lick his way to her clit where he swirled his tongue around that small button. Ginny threw back her head in pleasure, gasping and moaning. Moving into a 69, Ginny returned the pleasure. When Dirk was about to burst, they switched positions once more. He slid in deep, as Ginny was wet and warm.

“Oh yes,” she moaned.

Dirk thrust faster as she wrapped her legs around him, and leaned back. She watched his face changed. Lips pursed, head thrown back and eyes glazed with pleasure as his body orgasmed.


Andy, Zane and Pat were walking back to camp when they stopped dead in the trail. Ahead of them was a tent. The couple inside was backlit by a flashlight or some small lantern. They watched in rapt fascination as the couple worked their way to orgasm.

“That guy has a bald head. Do you think it’s Dirk, the scout master?”

“Yeah. That means it’s got to be Mz. Appleby under him.”

“Won’t Mr. Appleby be surprised?”

The three clapped as the silhouetted couple climaxed.


Now that the SuperBowl is over and my mum is done grousing about the Bronco’s loss… It’s time to write a lovely Flash Fiction Friday. Our host, Tom, has given us the following challenge:

Word Limit: 300

Bonus Words: +50 if your team won yesterday.

Required Phrase: “Pitch a tent”

Forbidden Words: Mosquitoes, sunburn, poison ivy

Extra Credit: Tell us about one of your sexual (mis)adventures in the great outdoors.


Now, as I don’t have a team… I’m not a sports enthusiast, I will stick to the regular word limit. I took a little liberty with the required phrase as well. As for the rest… LOL… Where to start?

Best adventure outdoors was making love high up in the Rockies. We were on the side of a valley and when we orgasmed, both of us were rather loud… And listened to our echos of passion bounce down the valley.


18 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday InTentcity

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  1. I mean terrible in a laughing ‘oh you shouldn’t have done that type of way….
    Not as in’ that’s a terrible piece.’
    (some things don’t translate from spoken to written very well for me. Argh.)

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