Vortex (2)

Sadie woke up sore and sticky. She’d been used more than once during the night. She crawled out of the bed and picked up the remains of her clothes. Rags were bigger. “Stupid bastards.” Heading for the bathroom, she thought about what she could grab to wear. In the end, she grabbed Ken’s shirt and her socks and boots as she headed downstairs.

When she got downstairs, she found Bill, the barkeeper asleep in the back room. She started up water for dishes and began to clean up the kitchen. By the time water was ready, she had cinnamon sweet bread in the oven and bacon cooking.

“You gonna make coffee?” a deep voice asked from the doorway.

Sadie looked up to see Ken standing there. “Yeah.”

“Good. Then maybe I won’t kill you for taking my shirt.”

“You assholes cut my clothes up. What the hell was I suppose to wear?”

Ken turned, moving faster than she thought a man his size could move and had her by the throat. “Keep a clean mouth,” he growled.

Sadie nodded. “You gonna pay for my clothes?”

“Why? Don’t you have more here?” Ken looked puzzled as he took his hand from her neck.

“No, a… I don’t. I don’t usually live here.” She turned to flip bacon and stir a pot of oatmeal.

“Oh.” He turned and walked away.


Bill woke up just in time to start helping Sadie serve up breakfast. She grabbed him by the collar as he walked by. “When you add up their bill, add some in for me.”

“Yeah, fancy outfit there,” he laughed. She kicked him in the shins.

“Fuck! You din’t have to do that!”

“Don’t make fun of me. All I got left are my socks, boots and a coat,” she growled.

“Okay! Okay!” he said as he took the tray of bread and butter out.


The Vortex gang ate and laughed as the barkeeper and Sadie served breakfast. One ran his hand up the shirt Sadie was wearing and almost ended up wearing a cup of coffee as Sadie shrieked.

“Alf, lay off. I don’t want my shirt messed up,” said Ken.

The rest of the bikers laughed and kept on eating.


After breakfast, Ken grabbed Sadie and pulled her into a corner of the kitchen. He made her give him a blowjob and then took his shirt. He laughed as he walked away. Sadie knelt where he’d left her, wiping the cum off of her mouth and picking up the coins he’d dropped on the floor. When they were all picked up, she grabbed a couple of table cloths out of the back room and wrapped them around her. She put the coins in a deep pocket of her coat and headed out front.

The main room was empty, and cool as if the door had just shut. “They gone?”

“Yeah,” said Bill. “Here’s some money for your clothes. I did like you asked. They never noticed.”

Sadie looked at the money. It was about the same that Ken had dropped on the floor. “You got something I can borrow to get home in?”

Bill nodded. They walked to the laundry room and he found her a pair of trousers and a dirty shirt. She dressed quickly and then got ready to leave.

“You gonna be here tonight?”

“No, Bill. I’m gonna scrub cum and spit off of me and then sleep. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Bill shrugged. “Okay.”


Sadie got home, and answered all the questions her sister asked as she took a hot bath. Finally, she threw water at her sister in order to have a little quiet. Once the water had gone cold and she’d scrubbed every inch of herself, she got out, dried off and dressed. Then she curled up in her bed asleep. The coins she’d gotten were stuffed in a pouch hidden in a drawer.

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