Game Piece (Finale)

When Jennifer had caught her breath, she turned to Suit and Jeans. She still hadn’t seen Velvet, no matter how she tried to turn. “May I please be let down?”

“Of course,” said Suit.

Hands undid the restraints and a strong set of hands wrapped around her waist and set her down on the floor. When she turned around, she saw a man totally dressed in leather, with a mask across his eyes. “Come sit down over here,” said Velvet.

Jennifer was taken over to a soft couch, given a drink of water and a couple of oatmeal cookies. She looked around and finally found Art and Tom sitting on the floor across from the huge wooden X and the other two men. She noticed that neither of them moved until Velvet nodded at them.

“That was a little intense,” said Tom.

“Yeah, um… it wasn’t exactly what we’d planned,” said Art.

Jennifer looked at the two of them and then to the three Doms. “So, you just planned for me to wake up in this… this?”

“Club. The Rosy Thorn,” said Suit. “It’s a BDSM club, where all your kinks can be accomodated.”

Art and Tom nodded.

Jennifer finished her cookie and then looked back at the two guys. “You know, we’ve done some weird stuff. Fun stuff too. But, you know, I think I’m done with our little game.”

“You can’t quit now! We’ve got other scenes set up,” protested Art.

“Yeah! Really. Don’t quit on us,” said Tom.

Jennifer looked like she was giving it thought for at least a second. “Nope. I’m done.”

“Jenn, you shouldn’t just stop. I’m sorry if this whole thing was a little over the top. We never meant for you to get hurt, but they stepped in and…”

“Art, shut up.” Jennifer moved a bit to ease her aching ass.

Art shut up. Tom started to say something and Velvet just stood up. Tom stopped midword.

“Let the lady speak,” said Velvet.

Jennifer smiled at Velvet. “Thank you. Now where was I. Oh yeah. You actually did me a favor. I was getting a little bored with the whole game, plus after two or three days of ruffies, my stomach gets a bit iffy. However, I really need to thank you for bringing me here.”

“And why is that?” asked Suit, who’d moved next to Velvet.

“Well, I liked the whole being tied up in an odd sort of way, but didn’t know how to qualify it. I couldn’t boil down exactly what it was I liked. Was it the mystery? Waking up in strange places? Being tied or what.”

“Jenn, if you wanted us to have sex with you, I’m sure we could have done it,” said Art.

Jennifer laughed. “No, part of why I played along with you is that I knew that neither of you were really my type. I was safe.”

Art and Tom looked dejected. The three Doms did their best to stifle laughs.

“So, you’ve decided that you like a bit of kink?” asked Jeans.

Jennifer smiled as she shifteded a little. “Yes. In fact, I’d like to know more.”

“Well, little pain slut, we have classes for newcomers once a month. Next one is in three days. Do you think you could wait that long?” asked Velvet.

Jennifer nodded.



Friday night, Jennifer came in the front door of the Rosy Thorn. She’d dressed in her favorite velvet mini skirt and an emerald green silk blouse. She handed her jacket to a girl wearing collar and a leather halter dress. Then she moved into the lounge. As she walked in and looked around, she realized that she never got any of the Dom’s names. She looked around until she saw Jeans behind the bar.


He looked up, recognized her and smiled. “Why if it isn’t Jennifer.”

“Yes, and I never did get your name.”

“Miller. I own the club.”

“Ah, and the other two men?”

“Tim and Boris.”

“Thanks. Where is the beginner’s night being held?”

“We will start over in the dining room in about fifteen minutes. Can I get you a drink?”

“Um… Ginger Ale. I’m driving.”

“Always a good choice. So, did you decide if you are just curious or truly interested?”

“I think I’m interested. I did a lot of reading in the last few days and I think I’ll have at least a good grasp of the basics by the end of the night.”

“Well, if you need someone to grab your basics, I’d be willing to volunteer,” Miller said with a smile.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Jennifer paid for her drink and headed over to the dining room.



Three hours later, Jennifer sat down on a bar stool near Miller. Miller looked up and smiled. “Did you have a good time?”

“Yes, I did. I had no clue about Boris. Everyone else seems scared to death of him, except that itty bitty Domme, Belinda.”

“You didn’t find him scary that night?”

“No, not really. I was a little freaked out over the spanking, and then I had this snap deep down inside and realized that I liked it. Even though it hurt, I liked it.”

“You are going to make a very interesting little pain slut,” whispered Boris across the back of her neck.

“Geeze!” Jennifer jumped.

“And I thought you weren’t afraid of me.” Boris laughed and sat down next to her. He was wearing his signature black leather, but had no mask on tonight.

“I’m not. You just startled the hell out of me!”

Miller and Boris laughed.

“So, how does a girl find a Dom around a place like this?”

“You come to a few munches, or classes and then maybe you’ll set up a relationship with someone here,” said Miller.

“Or, you can ask. Many of us take the odd sub under our wing. We always need someone for demonstrations,” said Boris. “In fact, I think it is Miller’s turn.”

Miller looked as if he was going to protest, but then stopped at a look from Boris that seemed to burn straight through his brain. “Yeah. Um… On just a short term basis.”

Jennifer looked at the two men. “Okay, what just happened here?”

“You asked. Miller tried to say he was too busy, when I know for a fact that he is once again between subs. No girlfriend or wife, so he has an opening in his calendar,” said Boris with a smile on his face.

“Oh…” Jennifer looked at Miller. “So, If I came to a munch, you’d be my Dom for the night?”

“Is that the proper way to address a Dom?” Boris whispered in a voice with more than a hint of a growl.

Jennifer shivered. “Um… Would you be my Dom for the night at the next munch, Sir?”


Miller looked at the two of them. “Of course, my little pain slut.” Then he smiled.

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