My Ass

Quin looked around to see where Lynne was. She had stopped to pull up her jeans. He looked at her and cocked his head as she took a few more steps and then repeated the action of tugging on her jeans. “What in the hell is wrong with your clothes?”

“These are suppose to be my tight jeans, and they are falling off my ass.”

“And you haven’t even been to Las Vegas,” he said with a giggle.


“Your jeans don’t fit. You’ve lost your ass.”


“And you haven’t been to Vegas?”

She looked at him for a minute. Then it dawned on her. “No, I did not lose my ass in Vegas.”

He laughed.


When they got home, he put down the shopping and turned to Lynne. “Come here a minute.”

Lynne walked over. Quin turned her around. He tugged on her shirt and checked the fit of her jeans. “Yeah, you’ve melted some more.”

“I know. That’s why my undies and jeans keep falling off my ass.”

“Well, you realize that we must have an inspection tonight.”


“Yes… We must establish just how much ass you have left. Can’t have you unable to sit down now can we?”

It was Lynne’s turn to giggle.


After dinner, Lynne showered after Quin. When she came into the bedroom, he had her drop her towel and turn around. His hands traced over her ass. “Yes, I believe that it is smaller than it had been, but I think it will still do the job.”

“Are you certain?” She regretted her words the second she said them.

“Yes.” Quin spared no time in swatting Lynne’s ass.


He pulled her over his knee and swatted her firmly on each cheek until there were firey hand prints glowing on her ass. Quin ignored her protests. “Yes, I think it will suffice.”

Lynne stood up and rubbed her tender skin. “Is that all?”

“Well, did you want more?” He gave her a devilish look.

“No more spanks, but… ummm playtime?”

“Geeze. First you lose your ass, or at least think so. We find it and I prove that it is still functional and you want more?” He grinned.

“Yes. I want more.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. “I want your cock in my mouth. To taste that sweet pre-cum and feel you pulse until you can’t take anymore.”


“And then I want your hands on my body, making me sing out in pleasure until my juices run down my thighs and …”

“And you’ll lose that battle. You always give in first.”

“Not always, but then I want to straddle that hard cock, sliding up and down on it until we both begin to moan.” She felt his cock press against her thigh as they stood there.


“Then I want your hands, hard on my breasts, pinching my nipples as I bounce harder and harder until I begin to orgasm. As my body arches in sweet joy, I want to feel you stiffen with orgasm, and cry out between gritted teeth as you pour yourself deep inside me.” Lynne kissed him.

Quin slapped both hands on her tender ass. “Let’s go to bed.”

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