Flash Fiction Friday Broken Hearts




Could she cope?

Had things really changed?

She felt the crop bite deep into her ass.

Trying not to flinch. Not to open her mouth.

Another lash.

It wasn’t the same.

It wasn’t him.

She wanted to scream. To cry. To lash out. But she was held by a gram of sugar.

Her pussy wept.

Her body shuddered.

Twitched with each stroke, hungry for the orgasm building.

He was dead. Her heart shredded.

Yet she craved pain.

This Dom challenged her with every stroke.

She knew the truth. She ate the candy.

She could do this.

She orgasmed.


He placed the candy between her lips. A challenge. He’d watched her mourn for her master. His best friend. He watched her struggle. Finally, he could take it no longer, for he loved her too.

He challenged her.

Baited her.

Tricked her.

Wearing the red lipstick her master loved, he placed a bespoke candy heart between her teeth. If this really didn’t work for her anymore, then all she had to do was not eat the sweet.

He slashed the crop across her ass. He watched her body tense, respond and then quiver.

The candy crunched and spoke the truth.


Tom challenged us. On Valentine’s day, we had to write a story with:
Word Limit: 100
Word Bonus: +100 for every time you’ve had your heart broken.
Required Word: Truth
Forbidden Word: Love
Extra Credit: Tell us your Valentine’s Day plans!

So, I took an extra 100 words credit and gave you both sides of the story. As for my Valentine’s Day plans… 🙂 Sleep in, play, and enjoy the day. Oh, and maybe write a bit of erotica. 

16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Broken Hearts

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  1. I could write a long soliloquy of why i loved this…but i will sum it up in two succinct words(i know…how uncharacteristic of me!)…..Fucking.Awesome!

  2. i read this last night when it first posted then came back to it to read again. I loved it both times for I too have been in love with my best friend’s girl, yet I never got that happy ending. I only wish that the sign that she was ready was that she didn’t eat the candy, but shared it with him in a kiss. But that’s just me, ever the romantic.

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