Vortex (3)

Sadie began to hate the stormy nights. Within hours of a storm starting, the ‘clink’ of chains on pavement would be heard by the door. Then Ken and his gang would be tromping inside. Food, beer and sex. Sadie didn’t mind being used as a fuck toy in a bed, but she hated it when her kitchen was invaded. Sex and cooking just didn’t belong together in her mind. She’d brandished her knife and yelled at them to get out. Bill about had a heart attack, but Ken and his two buddies left the kitchen. Forty minutes later, she headed out with the food for the gang at the table.

“Ah, no knife this time Sadie?” asked Ken.

“No. This is a dining room. People eat out here. In fact, here’s your food.” She set down the plates as quickly as she could. She went back for the last of the plates. When she put Ken’s down, she figured she’d get out of there and stay clear. It was her turn to go home early. As she turned to go, Ken grabbed her wrist. “Let go of me!”

“No, I don’t think so.” He pulled her close and kissed her. Sadie struggled to get away to no avail. As Ken kissed her, she felt another set of hands begin to lift her shirt.

“No! Not in the dining room!” Sadie cried out.

Ken laughed as he broke off the kiss. He and Billy stripped Sadie and then planted her face down on the table, with her feet on the floor. Legs spread, Ken played with her while they ate. “You need to learn to be nicer,” was all he said.

When everyone finished eating, they called Bill the bartender to clear the table. Sadie was still pinned to the table next to Ken. By this time, Billy was taking her standing up. He’d grabbed her hips and was rapidly building to a climax.

“Yeeeehaw!” Billy shouted as he came. Everyone at the table laughed, even the women. Sadie tried to close her eyes, but every time she did, Ken pinched her. When Billy pulled out, he wiped his cock on the table cloth and George took his place.

George flipped her face up and placed her ankles on his shoulders. Then he leaned forward, bending her in half.

“Hey George, I don’t think that’s the way to get dessert,” called one of the men.

“Hell, I’d split that peach any time,” called another. That comment made everyone laugh.

George pounded Sadie into the table until he too came. Once he pulled out, he sat her up and made Sadie lick him clean. Once she finished, George zipped up and shoved her towards Ken.

“Time to wash dishes Sadie,” Ken said. He dragged her towards the kitchen. Once inside, he shoved her to the sink. “Get this mess cleaned up.”

Sadie looked at him, and then at the kitchen. Bill had just stuffed dishes anywhere. She began to fill the sinks with hot water, soap and dishes. It was a little awkward being naked, but when she reached for the heavy apron she usually wore, he smaked her ass and shook his head no. Sadie carefully washed the plates and other dishes. Then she began to wipe down the various surfaces. Ken watched her the whole time. As she emptied the sink and wrung out the rag, Ken moved up behind her.

“You forgot something.”

“What? I’ve washed and wiped down everything.” She turned towards him, gesturing to the rest of the room.

“You forgot this.” He pointed to her chest. “It’s filthy. Sticky. Clean it up.”

“This isn’t a bathroom.”

“I don’t care.” He reached over her and put the plug in the big industrial sink. Then he turned on the hot and cold water, letting it begin to fill up the sink. When it was about half full, he grabbed the dish rag and Sadie’s arm. Before she could protest, he lifted her up and stuffed her in the sink. Then he began scrubbing.

“Stop! Stop it! I’ll wash myself!” she cried.

“No, you have shown yourself to be rather obstinate. I’m cleaning you up to my satisfaction.” he briskly washed her arms, legs and back. Then he began to scrub her breasts and moved down to her crotch. He ran the rag between her pussy lips and then fingered it up. This made Sadie yelp.


“I am. I want you clean.” He put the rag down and poured more water over her until she was well rinsed. He sat her down on the clean wooden table and began to dry her off with one of the kitchen towels. When Ken was done, he tied Sadie to her table with towels. Her ass was at the end of the table, with her knees drawn up. Her ankles were tied to the table. She was spread wide and could do nothing about it.

“Now, about fucking in the kitchen. As a rule, I usually don’t like mixing food with sex. However, this table is just the right height, and I haven’t had a decent fuck since the last time I was here.”

Sadie started to say something and bit back her retort. She was in no position to do anything. She knew Ken had seen her start to mouth off, and he smiled when she shut up.

“Good girl. Now, I’m going to have my fun with you. Do whatever I want. Understood?”


Ken pulled a chair up and sat down in front of Sadie’s pussy. He tugged her curls and then began to slowly finger her. Slow feathery touches. His fingers grazed her opening and yet didn’t penetrate.

Sadie tried to ignore him, but the touches were teasing her in a way she hadn’t expected. She found herself wanting more. Her hips lifted, trying to get him to plunge his fingers deep inside. Instead, she felt his tongue swipe across her lower lips. She moaned.

Ken smiled. He parted her lips and licked her again, from opening to clit and back again. In spite of her attempts to ignore him, her body betrayed her, by arching towards him. Juices began to run down her body to pool under her ass. As she neared orgasm, he stopped. When she was calmed down, he began again. This time with his tongue and one finger gently stroking in and out of her pussy. As before, he stopped when she began to climax.

“Damn you!” she hissed.

“Now, now Sadie.” He moved his head back and slapped her thighs and mound repeatedly.

Sadie cried out as he metered out punishment for her cursing. She tried not to moan when he rubbed his hand across her mound. Her body arched, wanting to come.

“That’s better. What a soaking wet slut you are. There is a puddle under your ass.” He stuffed a towel under her and then began to play with her pussy once more. First one finger, and then two, Those were followed by a third and then a fourth. As he fingered her, he used his other hand to play with her clit. As before, every time she began to climax, he backed off.

Sadie didn’t think she could take anymore. His fingers felt as if they were going to split her in two. This time as he began his assault of her body, she thought she heard his trousers fall to the floor. She was soon distracted by the feeling of impending orgasm dispite the pressure of what felt like his whole hand wriggling up inside of her as he stroked her clit.

“Oh! Aaaahhh!” she cried and arched against his thrusting hand. She was so close. So close and afraid that he’d stop again.

Ken watched as Sadie writhed on his hand. As she began to climax, he pulled his hand out of her pussy with a gush of juices. Sadie orgasmed hard, bucking against the table. As she came, he thrust his massive cock deep inside of her and began to pummel her pussy.

Sadie didn’t think she could cope with the sensations. First his hand, and then his cock. Her orgasms just kept coming. He’d pinned her to the table like some exotic specimen. She felt his muscles tighten and then heard him roar his own orgasm as he thrust deep inside of her. She came as well. The last thing she remembered whas Ken pulling out of her body laughing.

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