Flash Fiction Friday Fan-Tastic!


Janie couldn’t believe she’d won a night with Sam Heughan. It was surreal, almost as unbelievable as the thought of time travel. She was having the night with him. Janie got a lovely bra and panties set and a sexy little emerald green dress.

The premiere went so quick. Red carpet journey on his arm, and into the theater for the first showing of the first episode. Mind blowing. Men in kilts everywhere! She was afraid she’d drool all over Sam’s arm. He too was resplendent in kilt and the rest of the Highland gear.

After the show, they headed off to a small coffee shop for a midnight snack and cup of tea. Sam was such a dream to talk to. Honest, open and funny. They had a great time. Then it was off to the hotel. A suite at the Ritz. Janie was amazed.

Sam excused himself to shower. Janie stripped down to her pretty shear lingerie and climbed into bed. She propped herself up on the pillows and waited. Sam walked out ten minutes later, towel wrapped around his waist. His body was muscular and his hair tousled. Janie would have swooned, but she was already in bed.

“Are ye ready lass?” he asked in a rich brogue.

He opened the towel, showing off his first prize erection.

Janie squealed in delight, punching her arms into the air. “Voilà!”

Janie woke up, with a start, her book fallen off to one side. “Damn, what a dream.”


Our dear Tom promised us a happier picture. Well, this is. Our challenges to overcome this time are:

Word Limit: 250
Bonus Words: +50 if there’s a happy ending.
Required Word: Voilà
Forbidden Word: Viagra
Extra Credit: If you’re a man, write it from her point of view; if you’re a woman, write it from his.
Now, I didn’t take the +50 words, because it is debatable as to whether the ending is happy or not. 🙂 However, can you guess the book? Or the show? 🙂

Flash Fiction Friday is brought to you by a bunch of pervy erotic writers that love a challenge. Check out who else played and see what they wrote over at Tom’s blog

22 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Fan-Tastic!

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  1. Fun story! Definitely a happier picture this week.

    Ah, poor Janie. For her next dream she’ll have to try to peek under his kilt a little earlier in the night, and see if he’s a true Scotsman. 😉

    1. Hey he’s a Scotsman he wouldn’t spank you but he would skelp yer bahookie :). stop drooling and finish your own story lass.

      1. i know i know, RL is being a royal PITA, going from one thing to another, i say to myself i have to start writing again but then i open the file and realize i should reread all i had written so far and redo my notes which i lost last summer and then i loose the drive to keep going ugh so that “skelping” would come in handy 😉

  2. I h ad to look up the guy you are talking about, eh, i don’t see the attraction. Tall, good looking, well hung, great accent, what’s to like? LOL

    A great story even if we did have to wake up out of the fantasy.

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