Clean Vibrations

The washer began to vibrate in that “I’m off balance!” kind of way. Sherry rushed to the back porch and leaned up against the washer, hoping that would be enough. It was. It started to spin normally. Sherry looked at where the washer was in the cycle. Less than five minutes. Nearly done. Rather than stop and adjust the load, she just continued to lean against the washer. Belly up against the side and upper body on the lid of the washer.

Her body vibrated with the machine. Sherry began to realize that there was something else going on. Her body began to pick up on the vibrations. Her nipples tingled and contracted. Her pussy… that traitorous bit of flesh began to hum it’s own tune.

“Oh damn,” Sherry hissed between her teeth. The machine kicked into high spin, and the vibrations became more intense. Her body began to tremble on it’s own, and she felt that surge just before she orgasmed creep up her spine. She moved back from the machine, but it rocked violently. She leaned back against it. The vibrations were more intense, and she felt her body clench Before she could do anything, the orgasm hit her hard.

Gasping, she held onto the washer, feeling her panties grow damp. Another wave of orgasm traipsed through her nervous system. A gush of cum soaked her panties and she laid her face down on the cool metal of the washer as it hit it’s peak and then spun down.

When it stopped, Sherry stood up. Her skin was flushed and she knew she’d have to go change her clothes. She dumped the wet laundry in the dryer and started it up. As she closed the lid of the washer, she smiled. “Was it good for you?”

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