Vortex (4)

It had been warm for nearly a week. Almost 2 Celsius. The drifts were slowly melting and it was nice not to have to shovel the walks every hour just to keep an open path. Sadie had walked to work with her coat open and the scarf lose around her head. As she turned the corner, she cursed. There in front of the bar were the Vortex gang bikes. She thought about turning around, but knew it was too late. Billy had seen her, turned and hollered something into the bar. She kept on walking, and headed towards the kitchen door.

“Thought we wouldn’t see you?” asked Ken. He was standing in the kitchen, sipping a cup of coffee.

“No, it’s just the door I come in when I come to work. Aren’t you guys a little early?” She put her coat away, and regretted the flowing top she’d worn today. She tied her apron on and started to get ingredients out for the soup she’d planned for the day.

“Well, we like coming here. Good food, and good fun too.” He leaned over and kissed her neck.

“Stop that! I’ve got a knife in my hand!”

Ken grabbed the knife, took it out of her hand and pressed her against the table as he squeezed her breast. “You know, it’s a good thing I like you. I’d have beat the shit out of anyone else that talked to me like that.”

Sadie looked up at him. “If you want dinner, let me up.” She knew she didn’t dare show weakness. Not now.

Ken laughed, kissed her roughly again and then let her up. He picked up his coffee and walked out of the kitchen. Sadie wiped her face and then got to work on the food. Once the soup was cooking, she started on the biscuits. Buttermilk biscuits for dinner and plum cake for dessert.

Sadie got dinner served and made it back to the kitchen before one of them grabbed her. She sat down with a biscuit and a small bowl of soup. Her appetite had been off lately, and she wasn’t sure why. She just hoped they’d let her sit long enough to eat.

“Sadie! We want more biscuits!” hollered George.

Sadie heard him, set down her soup bowl and headed out with another basket of biscuits. “Here you go.” She turned and started back towards the kitchen. She didn’t make it. Billy grabbed at her and pulled her into his lap. “Let me go please.”

“No. I want to make sure you’re all wet and ready for us tonight.” His hand snaked up under her apron and blouse to pinch her breasts.

“Ow! Gentle!” Sadie gasped as he roughly handled her.

“You best shut up. I’ll do as I please.”

Sadie bit her lip as he pinched her breasts. She yelped.

“Billy, lighten up,” said Ken. “We still need our dessert.”

Billy looked over, sighed and dumped Sadie on the floor. “Go get that dessert.”

Sadie got up quickly and headed for the kitchen. When she got there, she ran for the trashcan, where she threw up. She washed her mouth quickly and then grabbed plates, the plum cake and the pitcher of warm custard. Putting the stuff on a tray, she headed out to the dinning room.

Forty minutes later, Sadie brought the rest of the dishes into the kitchen to be washed. The gang was drinking and making enough noise for forty out there. She just hoped Bill didn’t run out of beer. While the dishes soaked, she began to wipe down the tables. Working quickly, she was almost done when Ken came in and wrapped his arms around her.

“You don’t look so good. Billy just too rough, or something else going on?”

Sadie tried to ignore him as she finished up the dishes. Ken turned her around and put his hand under her chin. “Answer me.”

“I… I don’t know. My appetite is off is all. Must be the warm weather or something.”

Ken looked at her closely. Before she could protest, he lifted her shirt and looked at the breasts Billy had been mauling. Her nipples were dark. Darker than they’d been. Plus, he swore they were bigger. “When was your last cycle?”

“What?” Sadie pulled her shirt down, and wondered where in the hell he was going with that question. The last time she’d had a cycle, they hadn’t cared. Fucked her anyway and then laughed at the mess they made.

“When did you last bleed?”

Sadie thought for a moment. Then reality hit her up side the head like a brick. “Oh fuck.”

Ken put his finger under her chin. “When?”

“Tttwo months ago. I spotted, and figured it was because I was sick. Had the flu I thought. Should be on cycle in a day or two.”

Ken looked at her. “Been sick, no cycle. You’re breeding.”

Sadie just stood there as the truth hit her. “Fuck. I… I can’t afford no kid. I…” Panic flitted over her face and then anger. “This is yours or Billy’s or George’s. You gonna help? Or are you just gonna ride off laughing your ass off and find some other poor bitch to screw?” Her fists were clenched and the only reason she hadn’t started hitting him was because he wrapped his arms around her.

“Shush. George and Billy both had the snip before the weather changed. It’s mine, and I take care of what is mine. That includes you.”

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