And the Big Bad Wolf (10)

Buttercup bit Max and then growled at Val. Cal growled at Buttercup and within two minutes, all three dogs were on their backs waiting for belly rubs. Pete had put up netting across the top of the fences to discourage any more treats being lobbed over the fence.

“That was quick,” Luc said as he watched the three dogs begin to patrol the fence.

“Yeah. Buttercup is a real bitch, but she misses Fezzik.” Cal watched the dogs for a minute and then turned back to Luc. “Any leads?”

“No. David and Seth says it’s gone real quiet. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. Andrew and Vivien moved back into their house. Ginny, Patrick, the kids, Sandy and Jesse all went with them. Have to admit I’m looking forward to a bit of quiet tonight.”

“I bet. Elliot and Linsey are going to miss the three monsters though.”

“No, they went with Ginny. The women figured it would be easier to keep track of all the kids if they were under one roof. Andrew’s house is pretty big, what with that apartment upstairs.”

Cal thought about it for a second. “I guess you’re right. You going back to work?”

“Yes. I’ve got about ten minutes of my lunch hour left.” Luc took one last look at the dogs and headed to the schools.


Joey wasn’t sure he liked this latest idea of his boss. The money was good, but there were just things you didn’t do. When he voiced his concerns, the man gave him $100 and told him to get lost. Joey pocketed the money and went to get a few beers before he went home. His sister would be pissed, but he’d find a job tomorrow or the next day.

Three hours later, Joey walked out of the bar and wove his way to the nearest bus stop. Leaning up against the bench, he didn’t realize that anyone was behind him until the hands were on his head. There was a quick wrenching pain and then nothing.


The man at the computer told Derek to keep the $85 he’d taken from Joey’s pocket. Then he gave him the folder with information and explained what he needed done. Derek smiled, read through the stuff in the folder, took a few notes and then handed it back.

“Are you clear on what I want done?”

“Yeah. Easy. Did plenty of these in ‘Ghanistan. Tomorrow work for you?”

“Yes. Check back in when you’re finished.”

“Right.” Derek nodded, and then left.

The man smiled. “Nits breed lice” he thought as he typed information on his laptop.


“Notice anything?” Seth asked David as they examined the corpse.

“Yeah. Aftershave. Any bets this was our graffiti artist?”

“No, none. Look at the shoes.” Seth pointed to the edge of the sole.

“Damn. Red spray paint. Bigger question though. Was this random? Or did our real asshole have him killed?”

“You tell me?” Seth stood up and backed off so that the EMT’s could move the body.

“Tell you what. You go tell Luc that things just went weird, and I’ll head over to our local homeless shelter and see who got hired for a day job lately.”

Seth nodded. “See you in a bit.”


Vivien was laying down, trying to rest. Morning sickness was turning into afternoon sickness, and all the tension of the last few days was getting to her. Andrew had gone into work for a few hours while Ginny took the kids to the movies. Patrick was in the kitchen cooking when Seth walked in.

“How’s it going?”

“Not good. We have a new resident at the morgue. Smells of Axe, and has red spraypaint on his shoes.”


“Yeah. Whoever this is has a real hard on for shifters, and is willing to kill to keep people quiet.”

“You think the guy behind all of this, had the guy killed?”

“Probably. Doesn’t make sense otherwise. As far as we know, the corpse is a minor player. Just bright enough to hold the door during a bank robbery. The station is hunting around to see if he has any kin in town.”

“Luc know?” Patrick stirred the meat and checked on the beans. It was taco night.

“Yes. Saw him first. What we can’t figure out is who the target is. Is it just shifters in general, or is it Andrew?”

Patrick nodded. “Ginny’s at Tinseltown with the kids. Will you go check on them?”

“Sure. What are they seeing?”

“Frozen. What else?”

The two men laughed. When Seth left, Patrick locked the door behind him. When he turned, he found Vivien in the doorway.

“I thought you were napping.”

“Heard voices.”

“How much did you hear?”

“Enough. Who is doing this?”

“I don’t know. Wish I did. That way, we could kill them and get on with life.” He walked over and gave Vivien a hug.


Andrew checked on the store, worked on an order for a client and then left the shop in Becky’s capable hands. He walked towards the movie theater where he knew Ginny and the kids should be finishing up with the movie. As he stood there waiting, Seth walked up.

“Everything alright at home?” Andrew asked a little anxiously.

“Yes. Just updated Patrick on the latest.” Seth then spent ten minutes bringing Andrew up to speed.

“Damn. Maybe, maybe we should move the kids. Take them up to George and Angie’s.”

“I’m not sure. I get the feeling that this whole thing is just about to hit the boiling point. What I can’t figure out is who is next.”

“Luc, Patrick and I tried to figure that out the other night. We couldn’t figure it out. Everyone is accounted for that has a screw loose.” Andrew scanned the crowd as people began to pour out of the theater. He waved at Ginny, who was herding the children with the help of ‘Solde. He pulled Ginny aside for a moment and explained what was going on. They decided to convoy home.

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