Vortex (5)

Ken told George and Billy to go sleep elsewhere. He pulled Sadie into the room and closed the door. “Get undressed.”

Sadie did as she was told. She’d had enough clothing damaged over the last few month. It was a nice change to be able to take them off by herself. When she did, Ken looked her over.

“Yeah, I’d say you’re breeding.”

“So, what does that really mean to you?” Sadie was feeling a little less than charitable.

“Means you come with me.”


“We go pack your things, and you come with me.”

“No way. I’m not going to be some bike slut hanging onto you while we ride all over the place. I sure ain’t doing it if I’m pregnant.”

Ken stepped forward and slapped Sadie across the face. “You will come with me. Not as a bike slut, but as mine.”

“Who the hell says I want you?” She rubbed her face. It hadn’t been a hard hit, but it got her attention.

“You are mine until that baby is old enough to be on it’s own. Say two or three years. After that, it’s up to you. You can either stay with the child or come back here and wash dishes for the left overs and a handful of coins.”

Sadie gave him a questioning look. “You ride bikes all the time. Where in the hell do you stay more than a night or two?”

Ken took her hand and pulled her onto the bed. Taking a deep breath, he started to talk. “We do live somewhere. We only ride during the winter. The rest of the time, we live over the mountain pass in a valley. Big house. Lots of people. A farm. The only thing we don’t have too many of are kids.”

“There’s enough kids around here. Why don’t you take some of them? Leave me the hell alone?”

“You and I know that most of the kids around here are already half starved or dumb as a box of rocks. Besides. How many?”

Sadie counted on her fingers. “Eight under ten. Maybe four under sixteen.”

“So, twelve kids and how many adults?”

“About two hundred.” Sadie knew that people didn’t have as many babies as they did before the weather changed. People didn’t stop fucking, but there weren’t as many babies. That was also why she was so surprised that she was pregnant.

“So, you’re surprised that I’m going to take care of a woman carrying my baby? Hell, that baby is worth more than this whole inn.”

“Still don’t think I want to go with you. What will my ma do? Or my sister?”

“Your pa will take care of them. Or your sister could take your job here if she’s old enough.”

Sadie growled. “Pa is dead, and my sister is just seventeen. She ain’t working for Bill. She can sew and weave. Ma needs me.”

Ken sat and thought for a moment. “Make you a deal. You come with me. See how it is. If it’s good, and if you want, I’ll bring your ma and sister.”

“One baby worth that much?” Sadie wasn’t sure she believed Ken.

“Yes.” With that, he rolled Sadie onto her back and began to finger her. She gasped as he sucked at her breasts, and when she arched upward, he thrust deep into her. He was gentler than he’d been before, but he still took his pleasure.


Sadie woke up early. She went to the bathroom, and on the way back to grab her clothes, she found Ken waiting.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“To cook breakfast.”

“No, first you come here. I want to fill that mouth of yours.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her down on her knees before him. Sadie was slow taking him in, and he grabbed her hair and pulled. Fucking her mouth made him growl with pleasure. She choked as he came and came. When she licked him clean, he pulled her into his lap. She sat with her legs spread across his lap. This gave him access to her pussy, and fingered her until she came.

Ken moved her up and thrust his cock up inside, and then held her there. Sadie tried to wriggle off of the cock that was filling her pussy. He laughed and held her tight as he moved in and out. “You want off, you gotta get me off.”

Sadie rolled her eyes and began to rock back and forth. She gasped and then moaned when he sucked on her nipples. Her body clenched as she felt an orgasm roll her. Ken’s followed a few moments later.


When they got up a little later, he made her shower with him. He scrubbed her hair and body, even though she protested that she could bath herself. She squealed when he thrust two fingers up into her pussy.

“Tthat’s not going to help.”

“Helps me.” He turned her around and took her from behind. He pounded hard, driving her face and breasts into the tiles of the shower. He roared as he came. He rinsed off and then got out.

Sadie stood under the water, cum running down her thighs. She grabbed the soap and started to clean up all over. She finished just as the water began to turn cold. When she came out, her clothes were on the bed, and Ken was gone.


Sadie made eggs and bacon for breakfast. The Vortex gang was quiet this morning, as if they hadn’t slept much. George didn’t grab her ass once. No sign of Ken either. Considering the topic of conversation last night, she wondered what was going on.

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