…And The Big Bad Wolf (11)

Derek tugged the coverall over his clothes. He was now a HVAC service technician named Bill. Picking up the tool box, he headed for the school entrance. Following the signs, he headed for the office. “Hi! I’m here to check on the HVAC system.”

The secretary looked up to see a smiling face. “Hi. Sign in here please. I didn’t know we had a service call in. Charles or Luc usually let us know.”

“Ah, Central office called me. Said we needed to do some sort of annual check. You know. Stupid stuff. “ He grinned at her.

“Yeah. HVAC room is just down that hall, across from the library.” She handed him a sticker that said ‘Visitor Pass’ on it.

“Thanks.” He put the sticker on his shirt, picked up his tool box and headed down the hall. He went into the HVAC room and poked around for a few minutes. Then he headed down the hall, checking out things as he went. Whenever anyone passed him, he smiled and then stared at the ceiling vents. It took him forty-five minutes to do a full circuit. The cameras went in quickly. Once he was done, he went back to the HVAC room. Hooking the cameras into the system was another twenty minutes and once he activated them, he smiled and left.

“See you later sweetheart!” he called as he headed past the office. The secretary waved and went back to her paperwork. When he got to the van, he carefully saved the visitor’s pass. Then he pulled out the cell phone that he’d been given and called.


The man at the computer answered the phone on the third ring. “Yes?”

“The cameras are installed,” said Derek.

“Good. Hold on a moment.” He turned to his computer and opened a program. He smiled as the cameras showed students moving through the halls. “I’ll have your money ready when you stop by.”

“See you in a bit.” Derek started his van and headed into town.



“Are you sure you don’t want us to take the kids up a week early?” asked Ginny.

“No. I know it sounds stupid, but I don’t want them to miss school.” Meg looked over at the kids playing on the grass.

Ginny nodded. “I understand. Letting Sara and the boys out of anything is never a good idea. I have enough trouble keeping them in line as it is. At least Andrew’s house is big enough for everyone.”

It was Meg’s turn to nod looking back at Andrew’s house. Vivien waved from the front porch. “I never thought we’d run out of room. Having half the pack there and shifted certainly made it feel crowded.”

“I agree. Now I understand why the family had all those big houses. Emergencies make for strange bedding arrangements.”

Meg giggled.


The two men were laughing. $50 a piece to go flatten some tires. They moved quietly down the alley as the women and children played on the front lawn. It took less than five minutes with the little tool the guy had given them. They threw the valve stems out onto the street as they walked away.


The wolves circled the house. The pups and mates were asleep. One wolf sniffed at the ground. He growled, and followed a trail that lead back between the buildings. The scent faded quickly. He huffed as he rejoined the other wolves.

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