Flash Fiction Friday… Room Service

richbitchWhat took you so long?” Katie asked as the door opened. She was surprised to see room service standing there. She’d expecting Peter. They’d planned a long weekend of kinky sex at the Brown Palace Hotel.

The waiter’s mouth hung open, as he realized that all she was wearing were heels, stockings,garter belt, and tiny panties. “Umm, Ma’am, I’m sorry it took so long, but the gentleman ordered the food, and didnt’ give us a time. It… um… takes about fifteen minutes.”

Katie’s nipples crinkled up with the cool air. “Well, bring in the trolly.” She kicked the suitcases out of the way.

He brought in the trolly and transferred the food to the table. When he turned to leave, he realized that she’d closed the door. She was sitting on the bed with her legs spread. He tried not to stare, but his eyes drifted to her crotch. Her panties were damp, and he felt his cock twitch and swell. “I’ve set the table Ma’am. Is there anything else you need?” He regretted the words the moment they left his lips.

Katie smiled. “Yes. I believe I need your assistance.”

“Hhow can I help you Ma’am.” His cock twitched behind his serving towel.

“I need you to taste something for me.”


“Come here.” Katie held out her hand.

He hesitated.

“Come here.” Katie was more insistent this time.

He stepped forward.


He sank to his knees, his erection aching and hard against his zipper.

Katie arched her pelvis upward. “My panties are edible. I want you to tell me what flavour they are.”

“Ma’am?” He felt his cock lurch and his face flush.

“Lick me. Suck me. Taste me.” She reached up and pulled his face down until his lips touched her panties. “Lick me there. Tell me how I taste.”

He put his hands on the bed and nervously started to lick. Black cherry flavouring raced across his tongue. “It’s… black cherry liquour.”

“Yes, it is. Now eat me.”

He licked and sucked her panties until they dissolved. Then his tongue ran the length of her pussy. The taste of her pussy mixed with the black cherry. He moaned. His tongue drove as deep as he could, eager to eat her.

Katie enjoyed his tongue. She grabbed a handful of hair and held him tight against her pussy as her orgasm flooded her system and his mouth. She came again as she heard him come, and felt his body jerk in response.

As the two of them gasped in shared delight, the door opened and Peter walked in. Before the waiter could move, Katie held his head tight against her pussy. Then she smiled.

“I see you started without me.”

“Yes, you were late.”

“Well, I’m glad you liked what I sent up.”

“Oh I do. Will you join us?”


“What?” the waiter squeaked.

“Relax,” said Katie.



Hours later, the waiter tiptoed out of the room with $500 and a smile on his face.




I started to write a longer version, but the tight 500 word one was much better. Tom’s challenge this week was:

Word Count: 500

Bonus Words: +100 if you’re a good tipper.

Required Opening: “What took you so long?”

Forbidden Word: Honeymoon

Extra Credit: Set the story in the most recent place where you stayed overnight in a hotel.

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  1. Excellent ! This scenario would be perfect for release as an interactive ebook by the reader. Regardless, you should be publishing , girl.

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