Vortex (6)

Sadie was just finishing up breakfast dishes when the door to the kitchen opened. In walked Ma, her sister Madie and Ken. “What? Why? Ma!”

“Sush Sadie. Ken here came and talked to us. Told us how he’d take you to his home and take care of you and the baby.” Ma spoke softly.

“Sadie, why didn’t you say you were breeding?” asked Madie.

Sadie looked up at the ceiling and then back at her sister. “Cause I didn’t realize I was.” Then she glared at Ken. His bringing her family here forced a decision. One she wasn’t sure she wanted to make.

“Ken gave us plenty of money to make up for your wages for a bit until we can sell some of the cloth,” said Ma. She glanced up at Sadie’s eyes and then back at the floor.

Sadie threw the dishtowel at Ken. “I told you I wasn’t sure I wanted to go with you! Now you’ve gone and got my family involved and if I say no, it hurts them. You bastard!”

Ken walked over to Sadie. “I told you that baby is important to me. I will do whatever I have to to keep it safe.” His hand held her wrist tight when she tried to slug him.

“Sadie Ann! You listen. He’s giving you a chance to get out of this place. Shut up for once and give something a try!” Ma was angry now. Madie just watched everyone.

“What happens when the money you gave Ma runs out? What if they can’t weave enough for expenses?” Sadie was still trying to get out of Ken’s grasp.

“You know Alice? The redhead?”

Sadie nodded. She was one of the quieter biker bitches.

“Well, she’s wanting to take a break from the road. Her man died last year. So, she’s gonna rent your room and cook here at the bar. She’ll be paying your Ma. Will that do?”

Sadie looked at her Ma and then back to Ken. She nodded. Ken let go of her wrist, and she moved to hug her sister and Ma. Ken walked out of the room.


“You be good. Let em know you’re no slut. And let me know when the baby’s born.”

“Yes, Ma.” Sadie kissed her Ma and Madie goodbye. She had found out that Ken had packed all of her possessions and had them in a small pull along trailer behind his bike. He’d also made a deal with Alice for her leathers. Promised to have Billy or George bring them back. Sadie looked over to the porch of the bar. Bill the bartender stood there, with Alice next to him. She was a good six inches taller than he was. Sadie smiled.

“We need to get going,” said Ken. He helped her mount the bike, climbed on himself and started up the machine. It rumbled and then Sadie had to hold on as the Vortex gang headed home.


Riding had been interesting. The vibrations seemed to fill her body. She held on tight to Ken at first and then relaxed enough to let go of her death grip. She’d swore she’d heard Ken laugh when she did. They stopped for the night at an inn not too different from the bar Sadie had worked at. It was surrounded by snow drifts and mud. When she got off the bike, she could barely walk. Ken held her by the elbow.

George knew the waitress in this place, and had ordered food before most of the gang had entered. Sadie was relieved to take off the helmet and the jacket. She sat next to Ken and watched. It was interesting to see the whole biker invasion from her new perspective. The waitress was obviously use to the Vortex gang, and smiled at George. The food smelled good, and Sadie was surprised at how hungry she was after the ride.

After dinner, they went to their rooms. Ken stripped off and headed for the shower. Sadie took a little longer to get out of the leathers. Her body ached, and yet her pussy ached in a different manner. When she climbed into the shower, Ken slid his hand between her thighs. When his fingers touched her clit, she was surprised at the almost immediate and intense orgasm that shuddered through her.

“What in the hell?” Sadie gasped.

Ken laughed. “Now you know why bitches love bikes.”

“Huh?” Sadie was trying to recover from another orgasm. Ken hadn’t stopped touching her.

“The vibrations of the bike… Right against that sweet pussy all day make you turned on.”

Sadie just nodded. She was horny. When Ken turned her around to fuck her in the shower, she arched her back. She wanted to be filled.

In the morning, she and Ken had sex before they dressed and headed down for breakfast.

“You feeling okay?”

“Sorta. Need to eat something though.”

“Looked a little green. Not green enough to stop fucking though.” Ken laughed. He’d stopped touching her just before she came and she’d hit him. He’d laughed as he brought her to a shuddering orgasm.

Once they were dressed, they headed downstairs. Breakfast was good and as soon as they were done, they headed out.


The trip took a week. All the inns were good to the Vortex gang. While Sadie still thought Ken and his buddies were assholes, she was beginning to see how they worked with all the small towns or villages. They delivered letters, bought items from small farms or artisans and seemed some how to be respected. Sadie began to wonder if she was wrong about them.

On the last morning, Ken was in a hurry. He didn’t even want to fuck. They were up before dawn, and on the road just as the sun kissed the edge of the earth. Sadie started to ask why they were in such a hurry. All Ken would say is “Wait and see.”


The forest was thick around the road that the bikers traveled. They came to the top of a pass and began to descend into a valley. Sadie swore that it was getting hotter. She glanced around and realized that the ever present snow banks were mere ripples along the side of the road. All kinds of ferns and flowers were popping up through what snow remained. She knew that back home it would be months before the ground was clear.

Then they rounded a corner where the trees thinned out and the valley lay open for them to see. Ken stopped the bike and pulled off his helmet, motioning for her to do the same. The first thing that Sadie noticed was that it was warm. Then the scent of green growing things filled her nose.

“See that red barn down there?”

Sadie followed Ken’s hand to where he pointed. “Yes.”

“That and everything around it for a good 500 acres is mine.”

“It’s so… so green already.” Sadie was amazed.

“Yes. Nearly 2500ft lower in altitude. It makes a real change in climate.”

They put their helmets on and headed down the road.


Ken stopped in front of a house with more windows than Sadie had ever seen. She stood there trying to figure out what to look at first. People poured out to greet the Vortex gang. From the way they treated everyone, she was realized that they were family. Family like she’d left behind. A woman who was older than she’d ever seen came out onto the porch. Ken ran up to her and hugged her tight, and then escorted her down the stairs to where Sadie stood.

“Nanny, this is Sadie, and she’s going to have my baby.”

Nanny looked up, smiled at Sadie and held out her hands. “Welcome to the family.”

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