…And The Big Bad Wolf (14)

David called one of the detectives and had men sent down to watch the church near the homeless shelter to see if their guy turned up to hire any more homeless men. Then he went into the interrogation room where Seth and the guy from the school sat.

“I want a lawyer.”

“Fine.” Seth just glared at the man. “Your name?”

“Fuck you! I want a lawyer first. I know my rights.”

“Rights? Um… Seth, did you read him his rights?” David asked.

“You know, I think I forgot. What with finding a terrorist in a school computer room.”

Derek looked from one man to the next. Those three words, terrorist, school and computer, were rather damming. “I want a lawyer.”

David and Seth looked at each other and smiled. Seth turned back to the suspect. “Well, if I wanted, I could take on a new client, although that might be a conflict of interest.”

Derek looked from one man to the other. He was confused.

“I’m a lawyer as well as a policeman,” Seth said. “I’m also related to some of the people you and your employer have been hassling.” As he smiled, he let his canines show.

Derek screamed.


“DDDerek Jones.”


“The homeless shelter on 6th Street.”


“Ain’t got none.” Sweat beaded on Derek’s forehead.

“Nhow, Ih Dhon’t Believh That,” Seth said, his jaw shifting a bit more and with heavy sub-vocals.

“I… I don’t know his name. Really! He pays me in cash. Met him at the shelter.”

“Description,” asked David.

“Average hheight. Um… brunette hair, brown eyes. He really hates shhifters.” Derek was getting more rattled by the moment.

“What did he pay you to do?”

“Yesh, an dohn’t lie. I can shmell lies.” Seth stared straight at Derek.

“Bug the school. Put cameras in. Ffind these kids and I was… um…”


“I was suppose to take them to him.”

“Anything else?” David asked.

Derek took a deep breath. “Nno.”

Seth noticed a change in scent. “Dohn’t lie.”

“Um… I umm…”

Seth growled.

“I killed a guy! Okay? I killed a drunk for him. Please don’t kill me!”

Seth growled again.

Derek pissed himself and passed out.

David looked at Seth. “Did you have to?”

Seth smiled, shook his shoulders to settle things back in place. “Yesh.” He looked back at Derek with a puzzled look on his face. “Reminds me of something, and I can’t figure it out.”

Davil laughed. “Don’t most drunks piss themselves when you growl at them?”

“Yes, but…” Seth shrugged and left the room.


“Hey David!” called a detective from across the room.


“I got a lead on that cell phone number.”

“What do you have?”

“Seems a job lot got stolen a few months ago up in Portland. Got a friend doing a GPS sorta low-jack search for you at the moment.”

“Good.” David took notes and then headed back to his desk.


Luc called Meg and Ginny to pick the kids up at the end of the day. He briefly explained and had to calm Ginny down, who was ready to rip out throats right then and there. When he was done with that, he called Sandy, Andrew, and Patrick, explaining to them what was going on. They would be at the school as soon as they could. While Luc waited for them to arrive, he and Charles worked on tracing the system that was operating the cameras.


The man at the computer was happy. Things were going to plan. Derek had done as he asked and the man he called was on his way. If all went right, by tomorrow, the children would be in his hands, Alpha Tech would be up in flames, and the shifters would be exposed for the dangerous creatures they were. He checked the cameras once more, and watched the targets.


Patrick walked in to find Luc, Charles, Andrew and Sandy looking at a map. “What are you looking at?”

“Co-ordinates of a GPS signal, the homeless shelter, the first office and ISP records,” said Luc.

“Oh? Is that where the bad guy or guys are?”

“We hope so. David and Seth are running down a few leads. Our HVAC guy spilled his guts. Unfortunately, this guy is good. Never gave names, always pays in cash. Half the time, he only talks to his workers by phone. Hell, even uses drunks out of the shelter,” said Charles.

“Um, Luc, can I talk to you for a second?” asked Patrick.

Luc stood up and the two of them walked over to one side of the room. “Yes?”

“Luc, does Charles know? About us?”

“Nope. Haven’t had a chance to have that little discussion.”

“Ah. Alright. Everyone else aware?”

Luc nodded. The two of them walked back over to the rest of the men. “We have a two mile square area that this guy could be in right?” Luc asked.

“That’s the way we see it. Just wish we had a better idea of what this guy looked like,” said Patrick.

“We all do,” chimed in Sandy. “I spent the afternoon with the drunks, and even they didn’t know much more than they told David and Seth.”

“Meg and Ginny picking up the kids?” asked Patrick.

“Vivien too. Wouldn’t leave her by herself,” said Andrew.

“Geeze Luc, you’re going to have half your family here,” said Charles.

Luc nodded.


Meg, Vivien and Ginny checked in at the office, and then waited for the school bell to ring. Parents were suppose to pick kids up in the cafeteria. They found seats and waited as each teacher brought their class down the hall.

“Aunty Twizzler!” cried three bodies hurtling through the crowds. Vivien barely had time to brace before she was mobbed.

“Hello you three.” She smiled as she received hugs.

Meg gathered the twins up and then the eight of them headed for the door and the two Subarus. Once they were all belted in, Meg locked the doors and then called Luc.


Luc’s cell phone rang just as the men were getting ready to head out. “Yes? Good. See you in a day or two. Love you.” He put his phone back in his pocket. “Meg and company are headed to George and Angie’s. We ready to do this?”

“I um.. Good luck? Or is this good hunting?” asked Charles.

“Good hunting. When this is all over, we need to have a long chat.” Luc shook Charles’ hand.

Charles nodded. He watched the men leave and then turned back to the computer and the network traffic. He was suppose to call Luc if there was a major change.

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