Flash Fiction Friday…. Loneliness



Elaine stood on tiptoes, trying to reach Dustin. Eyes half closed, head tilted upward, waiting for his kiss. For the heat of his lips to brush hers, hands fingertip close. She leaned closer, only to met the unforgiving cold surface of the dome.

Damn!” she thought as she woke. Looking across the habitat dome, she saw that the vidcom was blinking. Throwing back the covers, she walked nude to the shower. She let the water run for longer than the three minutes normally permitted. “I’ll do without tonight. Her skin was dried by warm air. Then she walked over to the vidcom. She didn’t care who saw her.

“Colonist Elaine Durr checking in.”

“Good morning. Um… Elaine, where is your uniform?” asked Captain James.

“I didn’t bother. When will this duty cycle be up?”

“Not for another 145 standard days.”

“Well, I’ll tell you right now, solitary duty sucks!” She slammed her fist on the desk.

“Major Durr, you volunteered.”

“As a COUPLE!” She yelled.


“I want my husband! We were suppose to be together on this mission!”

“I’m sorry, but Colonel Durr was declared unfit for duty. No replacement. No contamination allowed. You must finish the duty cycle.”

“He had a cold! Damn your regulations!”

“Major, we really must ask you to dress and settle down.”

“No. I want Dustin, NOW! I can’t believe you waited until AFTER I came out of cryo to tell me you’d sent me Alone!”

“I’m sorry. Um… please Elaine.”

Elaine grabbed her chair, and sat down in front of the monitor. She opened her legs and began to play with herself. 345 days without human contact had driven her crazy. She began to pinch her breasts with one hand while the other played with her pussy.

Captain James’ face went red.

“I… want to be fucked.” Elaine thrust her fingers deep inside of herself. She knew the camera was catching every drop of moisture, every thrust of her fingers. She ran her fingers from cunt to clit, moaning as her pleasure built. Juices ran down the curve of her ass to pool in the seat. Arching back, she rubbed her clit faster and faster until she orgasmed hard.


Captain James was breathing heavy. His cock swelled. “Wwwe can’t do anything.”

“Yes, you can. Watch me fuck myself until Dustin arrives or I leave.” She worked her fingers until she came again.




Not exactly a bubble boy. More like a Sci-Fi gone wrong. R.E.M. Man on the Moon is playing in the background as I write… Another good song is Shakespears Sister’s “STAY”


Word Limit: 300
Bonus Words: +100 if it’s not a bubble boy situation.
Required Word: Together
Forbidden Word: Touch
Extra Credit: Tell us a story of a lover you just couldn’t connect with.


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