Flash Fiction Friday Invisible


Rachel relaxed in the hot tub. She knew the hot water would make her skin mark beautifully when Dean used the riding crop on her. He was due in five minutes. Hearing the noise of a car below, she stood and grabbed for her towel. “Where the hell is it?” Rachel realized that she must have forgotten it. Slipping on her heels, she headed towards the stairs. Rachel stopped cold when she realized that the yard were full of men. One was right next to the door of her apartment. “Damn!” As she stood there, she realized that none of them noticed her. She might as well have been invisible.


Dean walked up silently behind her. He smiled at the tableau in front of him, and felt his cock stiffen. “Glad I found you,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her body. Rachel squeaked and then relaxed when she realized who it was. She gasped when his hand landed a stinging slap on her ass.

Dean looked at the hand print on her ass. He kept her body turned towards the four men below. He wanted to take her right there on the steps, but while he was a voyeur, he was not an exhibitionist. He pulled her back to the hot tub. Bent over the edge, he eased his cock deep inside. His erection throbbed as marks bloomed on her skin. The crop kept time to his strokes as he fucked her.

When they were spent, he tied her to the chair and then called down to the men working below. “Guys! Have I got a treat for you!”

Rachel was horrified that he’d use her this way, and yet…. Hands touched. Fingers probed. A cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. Filled. Fucked. Fantastic!


Originally, I thought about using the whole 400 words. Then I decided I wanted a fast tight story. The result is above. Thank you Tom for a beautiful picture and great prompt. For those of you who’d like to give Flash Fiction Friday a try, head over to Tom’s blog and see what he’s got for you. Today’s prompt was:

Word Count: Minimum 200, Maximum 400
Bonus Words: +100 if you can explain why she’s wet… and wearing heels.
Required Word: Found
Forbidden Word: Lost
Extra Credit: How many men are in this picture?


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