A flurry of readers!

Thank you to whoever is piling up the statistics! One day saw 557 reads! Wow! Hope you’re enjoying the stories.

And, I apologize for not posting more this week. Life has been… um… interesting. Yes, that’s a good word for it. Mundane life can be such a bitch at times, and this time it is taking the cake. Hope to have more for you to read come the weekend.


2 thoughts on “A flurry of readers!

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  1. that’s ok lass I was just starting to get worried that you were unwell or that something dreadful had happened. Just worked my way through all the vanillaverse stories, don’t usually stray from non human but thought to myself the other day that that was silly David is no longer here (not that he would have minded but it felt a bit like cheating )

    1. Life just got way more hectic than I like. So, I figured that I’d better say something. Frustrating as I have bits of story in my head waiting to be written, but at 10pm, Wolf tends to grouse and say that we should be in bed. 🙂 He has a much earlier start than I do and my computer is in the bedroom.

      Hope you enjoy the Vanillaverse stories.

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