Flash Fiction Friday Reposte!


 “A costume set? You must be joking.”

“No, and a Ménage à trois,” bien sûr!

Mark shook his head. “If we must.” he headed off to wardrobe. Not only a costume shoot, but French no less. “Why in the hell couldn’t it have been a Cowboy shoot? At least I’m comfy in leathers,” groused the old queen.

The set was a dungeon scene, the ‘rape’ of an aristocrat awaiting the guillotine. Dressed to the height of fashion, the three of them positioned themselves for the first scene. Mark knelt in front of Betsy and slid his fingers into her pussy. Behind him the camera crew went into action.

“Comtesse, votre chatte est si humide. Je vais vous le doigt jusqu’à ce que vous criez dans la passion.”

“Non! NON! Je suis vierge! S’il vous plaît, non!”

Mark ignored her pleas and thrust harder. George stroked his cock and stuffed it in her mouth. “Sucer cela, ou c’est la guillotine pour vous.”

Betsy shook her head in mock protest. Mark thrust harder, until his hand was up inside her to the lace on his cuff. She shrieked as she came in an explosive orgasm. Juices spurted as he removed his hand. Besty smiled as she took George’s cock in her mouth.

Beaucoup mieux vous petite pute. Prenez-moi tous et nous pouvons vous sauver la vie.” Mark stood up, exposing 12 inches of thick erect cock, and began to fuck Betsy.

“Non! Oh non! Vous êtes trop grand! Vous allez me couper en deux! Oh! Oh mon dieu! Oh mon Dieu! Oh!”

“Non, mais quand je suis fait avec vous, vous ne voudrez plus jamais un autre homme. Je vais peut-être baiser le cul aussi.”

“Non! Pas mon cul! S’il vous plaît, je vais vous donner tous mes bijoux, mais pas mon cul!”

Mark laughed. He and George flipped her over and Mark drove his cock deep in her ass. Betsy shrieked, and the director called “Cut!”

Mark pulled out of Betsy and stood there, his cock erect.

“Great take guys. Now, for this next set, I want George fucking Betsy and Mark fucking George,” said the director.

“What?” George asked startled.

“You heard me.”

“My… my ass is virginal!”

Mark smiled. “I know.”


This was fun. I love playing with Google Translate. Even better that the French words are free! Here is the translation of the French above.

“Countess, your pussy is so wet. I’ll finger until you scream in passion. “

“No! NO! I am a virgin! Please, no! “

“Suck it, or it’s the guillotine for you.”

“Much better you little whore. Take me all and we can save your life. “

“No! Oh no! You are too big! You’ll cut me in half! Oh! Oh my god! Oh my God! Oh! “

“No, but when I’m done with you, you’ll never want another man. Maybe I’ll kiss your ass too. “

“No! Not my ass! Please, I’ll give you all my jewelry, but not my ass! “

Our host’s challenge this week was:

Word Limit: 250

Bonus Words: All words in French are free!

Required Phrase: “Ménage à trois,” bien sûr!

Forbidden Phrase: “Let them eat (fill in the blank).” It’s still too soon for me.

Extra Credit: Tell us which historic figure you’d most like to French kiss.


Check out Tom’s blog and see who else played along!

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    1. Yes, but I just couldn’t resist. As for phrases… It’s all Advizor’s fault that I’m so good at them. He challenged us a year or so back. FFF Abduction I think is the first post. 🙂

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