Flash Fiction Friday Sand Dunes



The full eclipse viewing party had been wild. The dunes at White Sands had turned deep orange as they reflected the light from the blood colored moon. Jeff and Betsy had partied with nearly 100 other people. Beer, pot, and lots of good food was consumed. When the eclipse was over, they’d crawled back to their tent to sleep and fuck.

Jeff woke to the heat radiating through the tent wall. He rolled over and began kissing Betsy to wake her up. She moaned, opened her eyes and began to return his kisses. Still slick from earlier sex, Jeff was able to slide in easily as Betsy moved on top of their sleeping bags and opened her thighs.

“Oh yeah baby.” Jeff grabbed her hips and thrust hard.

“Fuck me harder, Jeff!” Betsy panted as she started to feel that good buzz deep in her body.

“Oh. Yeah. Baby,” Jeff panted. He thrust harder until at last his body seized in mind numbing orgasm. Betsy cried out her own orgasm a few seconds later as Jeff thrust his fingers between their bodies and rubbed her clit. They lay panting in orgasmic bliss.

“You think we should get up?”

“Yeah. I gotta pee. You seen my sarong?” Betsy was looking around for her neon green Hawaiian printed sarong.

“No. I don’t see my shorts or sandals either.” Jeff unzipped the tent, and crawled out. A few moments later, he called for Betsy to join him outside. Betsy crawled out of the tent and went to stand by Jeff. She clasped hands with him as they stood there on the sand.

“Oh wow man. Where did everyone go?”

“I don’t know.” Betsy looked around at the gleaming white dunes. There was little evidence that there had ever been a party let alone 100 people there last night.

“How did we miss everyone leaving?”

“I’m not sure. Do you remember how to get home?”

“Yeah, I think so. The Organ Mountains are there, so the parking lot must be that way.” Jeff pointed over to his right.

“We’ve got some food and water, but no clothes. Do you want to wait until later in the afternoon? It will be cooler then.”

Jeff nodded. “Wanna go fuck?”

Betsy smiled. “Yeah. You know, we could go back tomorrow.

Jeff smiled. “Sort of like being the only two people left in the world isn’t it?”

It was Betsy’s turn to nod. “Sure is.” She kissed his mouth and they turned to go back to the tent.


Tom’s swan song required us to follow these rules:

Word Limit: None. Go crazy!

Bonus Words: See above.

Required Word: Tomorrow

Forbidden Word: Goodbye

Extra Credit: Recycle characters used from an earlier FFF (yours or someone else’s) while I was running it!

This was fun. Many many years ago, I went with my family to White Sands to watch a full eclipse. The sands really do turn orange. I always had the feeling that my aunt and uncle would rather have been alone instead of sitting there with all of us. 🙂

Go check out Tom’s blog and see who else played! Then hold on to your hats, as a rested Advizor may be taking us for a wild ride next Friday. 🙂


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  1. There’s no need to leave if the party is inside the tent.
    I caught the Blood Moon on a night that was way too chilly for my wife to take off anything outside, but it was cool to watch. I’ll have to keep the dunes in mind next time. And YES!!! Come over next week!!

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