Flash Fiction Friday Shore Leave


Chewie tried to resist. He hated it when his fur got wet. Yet… these two humans were so persuasive. They smelled good. Good enough to well… It had been a long time, and Han just wouldn’t stop at home to let Chewie get a little Wookie Nookie.

It felt a little strange at first, but their smooth skins were exotic and gave him an erection that parted his fur.

“Oh damn! Sissy, he’s huge!”

“Better than that dinky dicked Boba Fett!” Sissy began to lick and suck Chewie’s cock.

Chew moaned. The human not sucking him rubbed her tits in his face. Chewie felt his hips begin to buck.

“Oh honey, you are a sweet hunk o’ fur.” She kissed him as his hands gripped her breasts.

Chewie roared as his balls tightened and then shot their load down the throat of the one female.

The windows rattled.


An hour later, he was flat on his back, one female astride his cock, bouncing for all she was worth, and the other riding his face. His tongue explored her deeply. When he roared his release this time, the one on his cock cried out in ecstasy, while the one on his face giggled, squirmed, flooded his mouth with her juices and cried for more.

“Oh honey! Cry out again! That makes my whole pussy vibrate! Oh yeah!”

Chewie obliged her and crooned until she twitched in orgasm.


Three hours later, and he found himself talked into a “bath”. With bubbles no less. Chewie hadn’t wanted to at first, but the delightful females wouldn’t let him fuck them again or let him cum until he agreed. Chewie muttered under his breath.

“Oh you big baby! Listen. It’s nice bubble bath, and afterwards, we’ll detangle you. While I comb, Sissy here will suck your cock. Okay?”

Chewie thought about it for a moment. He’d enjoyed the hot little mouth. Sighing, he gave in and crawled into the bubble filled bath.




A little late, but yesterday was rather hectic. Hell, the whole week has been hectic. However, here is my story. Hope you like it.

Thank you and Welcome Back to Advizor and his twisted little mind games. 🙂 Our challenge this week was:

Word Count: 327

Bonus Words: Write about The Wookie, not the man inside the suit

Required Phrase: “strange at first”

Forbidden Words: movie, set, casting, “Star Wars”

Extra Credit: Tell us about your favorite NON-Star Wars fantasy boink


As for a non-Star Wars fantasy bonk… hmmm. D’Argo from Farscape. 😛

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