Flash Fiction Friday Arkansas Rendezvous


“Crying ain’t gonna fix this!”

Samantha lifted her aching head, wondering how she would face anyone ever again. The whole cheer leading squad had been there as maids of honor.

“Shoulda known this’d happen. Don’t know what you saw in him. You knew he was screwy in high school!”


“Playing all the female rolls in them plays. I coulda told you things was weird. An to tell ya the truth, he looked better in that damn dress than you did. At least I don hav’ta worry about you getting’ knocked up. ‘Specially as I never did tell you ’bout the birds an bees.”

Not Now Mom!”

“If’n not now, when? When he and Neville comes home from Las Vegas? Or when they go on a double date wif Ada an Mabel?”

Samantha flopped back on the bed. Her veil tangled in her hair. She pulled it off and tossed it across the room. She still couldn’t believe what happened.

He kissed her and they drank a toast. She’d started to get dressed, felt woozy and then blackness. She woke up hours later, to her mother’s voice yelling up the stairs. She was nude on the bed, wearing only her veil. Her shoes were on the floor.

While she’d been out, Darrel had dressed in her gown. With a heavier veil, no one knew until the preacher had said kiss the bride. Darrel and Neville jumped in the car beribboned with shoes and cans and drove off. Only then had her mother come upstairs to find Samantha unconscious on the bed.

Samantha still couldn’t believe her boyfriend and their best man had run off together.



It’s been a long week. A very long week. Hope you like my crazy twist on events. Our challenge this week was:

Word Count: 275

Bonus Words: Tell us about her high school

Required Phrase: Not Now Mom!!!

Forbidden Word: Wedding

Extra Credit: Don’t take the obvious route.

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