Flash Fiction Friday Boo Boo


“Men are such…”


“Am I going crazy? Did you just talk?”

“Well, when someone as sweet as you straddles my lap, why yes.”

“I gotta be dreaming.” Cyndi sat back, looking at the plush bear that she’d flopped across a few moments ago in frustration at being dumped by her boyfriend.

“No, you aren’t. You’re tired of Bobby, and I can help.”

Cyndi looked at the bear. “How? I got you as a body pillow and like I’ve slept with you, because you are…”

“Yeah, I know. But after a while, a bear’s gotta do what a bear’s gotta do. Now snuggle that sweet body up against me.”

Cyndi felt a little silly, but she moved closer. Her breast were level with the embroidered mouth. Much to her surprise, soft warm fur engulfed her nipple. “Oh my.”

“Want to see what else I can do?”


The bear arched his hips and out popped a thick vibrating cock.

Hey There Boo Boo! That’s my vibrator I’ve been missing.” She looked closer.

“It is. I had to be ready for you. Fill that sweet pussy with something. So, me and Mr. Toybox had a talk. Wanna go for a ride?”

Cyndi smiled. She moved a little closer and moved up so that her aching pussy could slide down onto the vibrator. It was warm, and felt good. Rocking slowly back and forth, she felt herself begin to ache in that good way.

“Oh yeah. Gimme that lovin’.” The bear rocked his hips up in time with Cyndi’s thrusts. Her juices soaked his fur as she came.


Cyndi woke. Her dream had been amazing. Opening her eyes, she found Boo Boo between her thighs, and the vibrator still warm.


I couldn’t resist. 🙂 Who wouldn’t want to be fucked by a teddy? Advizor’s challenge to us today was:


Word Count: 313

Bonus Words: Make the bear talk

Required Phrase: Hey There Boo Boo!

Forbidden Word: Ranger, Stuffed, Lonely

Extra Credit: Keep her alone

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