It’s been another crazy week, and all the time I thought I’d have to write disappeared like fog when the sun comes out. I’m working out a new schedule though, and hope to have more time to write. I have too many stories stacking up!


“I thought you were laying down.”

“I tried. I couldn’t get to sleep.” She sat back in her chair and looked up at him. He had that growling look on his face. He wasn’t happy that she was working on her computer.

“What will help you relax?”

“I don’t know.” She really did feel under the weather. It had started with a headache and gone from there. She was hungry, but didn’t want to cook. That involved standing.

He took a good look at her. “I’m going to heat up some soup and you are going to soak in the tub.”


“No buts.” He reached over and turned off her computer and then took her to the bathroom. He started the water and then headed to the kitchen.


Once he left, she thought about heading to bed, but knew that it was a little too late for that. She let the tub fill, and dropped her clothes in the hamper. When the water was deep enough, she got into the tub and soaked. The hot water did feel good. She stretched and tried to relax.


He got out two cans of tomato basil soup. While that cooked, he made toast. Four slices buttered and cut in half joined the glasses of iced tea on the tray. When the soup was ready, he poured it into two bowls and added them to the tray.


She had almost fallen asleep when he opened the door carrying a tray. The scent of the soup made her stomach growl. “Oh, that smells good.”

“Sit up and I’ll serve.”

She sat up and pulled the tub tray up for him to put the soup on. He placed the plate of toast on one end so that they could share. They ate in relative quiet. Once everything was eaten, he collected the dishes and headed back to the kitchen.

“I’ll be back in a minute. Warm up the water if it’s gotten cold.”

She leaned forward, let some of the water out and replaced it with hot. She shut the water off just as he came back in.

“Jojoba or that new mint stuff?” He pointed at the shampoo.

“Mint.” She submerged just enough to wet her hair. He moved next to her and gently began to wash her hair. Massaging her scalp, he worked the tension spots. He felt her relax a bit. When he was done, he rinsed her hair with the shower hose. Then he got a washrag and began to wash her body.

“Thank you. That feels so good.” She sighed.

He smiled. “Sometimes you deserve to be pampered.”

“Thanks. I figured I pissed you off for not laying down.”

“You did. My first impluse was to spank your ass. Then I realized that you did try. Something must have you tense, otherwise you would have fallen asleep.”

She nodded. Work had been stressful. Trying to find a new manager was a bigger issue than she had imagined. Then again, so was being on a non-profit board. She lifted her arm so that he could run the soapy washrag across it. It didn’t take him long to finish.

“Stand up and I’ll rinse you off.” He’d already begun to run the water and adjust the temperature. She pulled the plug and stood up. A minute later, he finished rinsing her off and helped her out of the tub.

“I feel like I’ve melted.” She stood still while he dried her off. She wrapped the towel around her hair.

“Good. Now to bed.” He put his hands on her shoulders and directed her towards their room. He grabbed the comb as they passed the sink. “Sit.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and gently rubbed her hair partially dry. It was down over her face in imitation of Cousin It from the Adams Family. She looked over at him where he was digging through a drawer. As he walked back towards her she smiled. “Kiss?”

He automatically turned and began to pucker up when he realized that her face was covered with long wet hair. He laughed. “Good one.”

She smiled and started to comb her hair.

“No, let me.” He took the comb and in a few minutes, her hair was combed and braided. “Lay down on your stomach.”

She moved up on the bed and stretched out. She heard the massage tool they called the ‘four legged monster’ before she felt it. He started at her feet and slowly moved up her leg. When he reached her ass, he worked on the other leg. Then he massaged her arms and finally her back. While he got very close, he never touched her pussy.

“Roll over.”

She did and he began again. This time, she squirmed a bit. Her body was reacting to his attentions in a predictable fashion. When the massager reached her breast, her nipples hardened and stood up like gumdrops. He smiled and continued the massage, keeping clear of her pussy.

“Please touch me.”

“No.” The tone of his voice was firm.


“I don’t care at the moment if you were about to explode with the best orgasm you’ve ever had. You are going to relax first.”

She sighed. She knew better. He might not spank her, but he would deny her pleasure. His hands replaced the massager. Her juices flowed and damp became wet. “Would you please touch me? Just one orgasm?”

“Maybe. When you are relaxed.” His hands continued to work her muscles. She felt things pop and relax that she hadn’t realized were tight. He had her roll on her stomach again, and he straddled her ass while he worked on her back. She tried to wriggle and press against the mattress to relieve the ache.

He raised up and smacked her once on the ass. “Be still.”

She gasped and did her best to obey. As he worked the knots out of her neck and shoulders, she felt the headache ebb away. Her eyelids grew heavy and she found herself nodding off. Her body seemed to float.

He smiled as he felt her drift off. He undressed, curled up next to her and pulled up the covers. He reached between her thighs. She was wet. He stroked his finger gently over her lips until he reached her clit. A gentle touch elicited a moan and shiver from her. He touched her once more, and as she shivered in light orgasmic release, he cuddled her tight. She drifted deeper into sleep, and he followed her a few minutes later.

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