A Guest Post

One of my dear readers wrote a story to go with our FFF last week. I said I’d host the story. Enjoy! Thank you HonourScot!

Sandy shook her hips making the feathers flutter she knew her master was somewhere in the shadows. She noticed the group from college behind her as she stepped up onto the platform and hoped none of them recognised her through the heavy makeup and wig.

The town mayor’s daughter Catherine had Mandy Prine’s head buried in her tits with one hand squeezing them. Sandy didn’t even want to think where her other hand was but from the look on her face Tom wouldn’t be getting any if he didn’t put the phone down. They had been an item all summer but she doubted it would last beyond tonight.

Sandy hoped master would let her stop dancing soon she was getting soooo hot knowing he was watching and that her secret could be discover at any time she could panties moisten “I don’t believe this is turning me on. ”

Bob Thomson had been watching his mates, Cathie was such a tease Tom had had enough he said he was going to ditch her tonight. Tom was a good mate but you had to threaten him with something dire to get him to put the phone down. Just this afternoon Miss Bainbridge had threatened to take him to the Principal if he did not pay attention. He knew the others hadn’t recognised the sexy dancer but Miss Sandra Bainbridge was his dream woman and he had spotted the Principal slipping into the other room before she arrived.

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